Scarsdale Math Tutoring: Private In-Person & Virtual Algebra Courses Updated

Following the announcement, the tutoring center offers private in-person and online math courses in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus to high school and college students in Scarsdale, NY.

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The recently updated courses are designed to help students strengthen their math skills and improve their grades. MATH 1-2-3’s Express Math Courses are offered in private, group course, and group seminar formats, and can be taught either in-person or virtually. Students also have the option to complete the course over two weeks or full-day weekends.

Tutoring from MATH 1-2-3 provides students with a range of benefits. Alongside giving them the advantage of learning maths from the comfort and convenience of their home, the courses have proven to help students stay ahead of their coursework, improve grades, and reduce frustration and anxiety. They can also be used to prepare students for tests such as the SSAT, ISEE, and PSAT. By grounding students in math fundamentals and instilling a love of math, it also establishes a solid STEM foundation from which they can pursue related careers.

Students can choose to enroll in a MATH 1-2-3 private one-on-one course to help with their regular math classes. The sessions, which can be adapted to comply with the hours of a school day, are available year-round.

In addition, the tutoring center also offers a full-time 2-week Calculus Boot Camp meant to prepare high school students and college freshmen that are taking calculus in the fall. MATH 1-2-3 also provides international tutoring services, teaching students around the globe using their Distance Learning system via Internet Whiteboard or Skype.

All MATH 1-2-3 tutors are math specialists with a math degree and a minimum of 10 years of post-college tutoring experience. They undergo a thorough vetting process to make sure they meet these requirements. Tutors are encouraged to help students reduce calculator dependency, by teaching them how to be self-reliant using the Mental Math Shortcuts (MMS(TM)) method.

About MATH 1-2-3

MATH 1-2-3 was founded in 1995 and has been proudly tutoring students in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut ever since. In addition to Scarsdale, they also serve the rest of Westchester County, as well as Rockland County, Long Island (including The Hamptons), all 5 Boroughs, Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut.

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MATH 1-2-3
43 Westover Lane

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