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As part of its expanded services, the full-service interior design and custom furniture specialist produces floor plans using the latest 3D VR architectural technologies to create lobbies that encourage productivity and autonomy at work.

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Following the announcement, the award-winning, woman-owned business leverages the principles of ‘activity-based’ workspace design in transforming lobbies and waiting areas, a popular trend in office interior planning.

Combining functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics, San Diego Office Design champions and adapts the activity-based design trend to foster a culture of team collaboration, individual focus, and employee well-being on behalf of its clients.

San Diego Office Design’s interior planning services are suitable for local growing businesses looking to reorganize and redesign their existing lobbies to better reflect a new company direction.

The agency can also support organizations that have recently relocated to new premises and want the space to align with their branding and unique workspace needs.

San Diego Office Design’s architecture projects have challenged conventional lobby configurations with the aim of creating workspaces that are both flexible for individual employee needs and adaptable to varying tasks throughout the day. Business executives in an around San Diego looking to renovate their offices in the name of employee effectiveness can browse the company’s portfolio of completed projects by visiting the company’s website.

Among the lobbies of commercial premises the company has renovated is the Gaslamp Quarter’s Diamond Terrace lobby, in addition to its gym, club level, and elevator waiting area.

About San Diego Office Design

San Diego Office Design has renovated lobbies for dental and medical practices, studios, law offices, insurance brokerages, and realty agencies. In addition to interior design, the in-house team of design specialists and project managers also takes care of interior furnishing, millwork, and decoration while adhering to budget goals and deadlines.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We are a full-service Interior Design & furniture firm in San Diego serving clients across the country. We help organizations like yours create spaces that inspire collaboration, creativity, and connection to your brand.”

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