Dallas Solar Panel Manufacturing & Installation With Roof Repair: Service Update

The newly updated service gives Dallas homeowners the opportunity to bundle roof inspection and potential repairs or renovations with solar panel installations for a long-term savings on warranty-protected roofing services and a significant reduction in utility costs. The contractors at Semper Solaris are part of only .2% of the nation’s contracting companies that hold a Platinum Preferred designation.

More information is available at https://www.sempersolaris.com

The solar panel and roofing specialists at Semper Solaris say it’s best for customers upgrading to solar energy to start with a clean slate by repairing or renovating their roofing systems along with their solar panel installations. This process ensures Dallas homeowners’ roofing and solar panel systems have a fully coordinated lifespan.

Reports reveal utility costs in Texas soared in 2022, and they’re set to go even higher. At a time when household budgets are being squeezed, taking steps to alleviate this monthly burden not only gives homeowners some breathing room, but it also gives them a system that can pay itself off in under 10 years.

Dallas homeowners preparing for solar panel installations are advised to get their roofing systems inspected and repaired if needed. A new roofing technology known as a “cool roof” is a roofing replacement choice that delivers higher solar reflection and higher thermal emittance to reduce the impact of direct sunlight by 67 percent.

Individuals can make the most of their roof repair and solar installation investments by taking advantage of the Federal 30% solar tax credit. By partnering with Semper Solaris, they are also entitled to a 50-year Platinum warranty the company can offer as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred company.

To date, Semper Solaris has won eight awards for their solar panel installations and battery storage technologies, and 12 awards for excellence in roofing repairs and replacements.

A company spokesperson says, “Your roof is one of the most expensive and important parts of your home. A roofing inspection and repair can ensure a long-lasting roof, while taking care of necessary renovations and repairs can stave off deteriorating framing integrity and potential mold growth. In the end, this will increase both your home’s value and its curb appeal. Get in touch now for a free roofing estimate and a plan to coordinate your solar panel installations so you can get your 30% tax credit.”

Learn more at https://www.sempersolaris.com

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