Five Reasons SMB’s Like Local Restaurants Need a Mobile App

ASCENT Website Design & Digital Marketing has today made public Five facts about its Restaurant Mobile App development service ‘ASCENT Mobile’, now available by contacting us at (678) 263-8957 or visit our website: ASCENT Mobile which fans and consumers within the Digital Marketing space should find particularly interesting.

Five reasons Restaurants need a mobile app:

1) The restaurant needs a mobile app in order to stay on top of their digital marketing

The more business restaurants do online, the more likely they are to survive in this competitive market. An app is one of the best ways for them to reach out and get new customers, who are increasingly turning away from traditional marketing methods like print ads, television commercials and radio spots.

2) A restaurant needs a mobile app in order to increase sales

By using it as an additional channel for customer service. Customers can get information about the menu, hours of operation and contact information through an app that they can download onto their phone or tablet device. This allows them to be able to make reservations or ask questions while they are on the go or at home without having to call or visit the physical location of the restaurant

3) Generate traffic by posting to popular social media sites, driving customers to your site

If you’re looking for new ways to generate traffic or increase your customer base, you should try posting to popular social media sites. These sites are a great way to show potential customers what you offer and why they should buy from you. You can also post links on these sites back to your own website, increasing the traffic and visits that come directly to your site

4) A Mobile App can make it easier for customers to order food on the go and get it delivered

Ordering food from a mobile app has become a popular way to get food delivered. It is convenient for the customer because they can order their favorite dish with the touch of a finger on their phone. These apps have also made it easier for restaurants because they don’t have to manage as many orders.

5) Boost engagement with valuable push notifications.

As a business, you want to engage your customers and prospects. That’s why push notifications are so important. They’re the perfect opportunity to show your customers how much you care about them and what they can get in return for their loyalty. The best way to create a successful push notification is by using the right message that will resonate with the customer on an emotional level and make them feel special.

ASCENT Mobile was released as part of ASCENT Website Design & Digital Marketing’s greater plans for 2023.

ASCENT Website Design & Digital Marketing got it’s start when Founder Terry Heights noticed a growing need for local restaurant’s needs regarding a mobile app in order to increase sales by using it as an additional channel for customer service. With Ten Years prior experience in the Digital Marketing world, Terry Heights decided to go ahead and start his Agency in 2015.

Terry Heights is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers. Things like To connect with our customers we hold monthly virtual meetings with our local chamber of commerce, and releasing these little factoids even after ASCENT Mobile hits the market are what make all the difference.”

ASCENT Mobile has been live for 2 years. To find out more bout ‘ASCENT Mobile’ and other local business App development, it’s possible to visit

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