BEIDT Health Is Here To Provide Licensed Mental Health Counselors With Opportunities

The leading recruiter is here to save the day for mental health job seekers

Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 19th Dec 2022 – BEIDT Health is a leading mental health job provider that encourages licensed mental health counselors to join it to receive better opportunities. Not only that, the impact of this pandemic has led to a high demand for mental health professionals worldwide, which is why BEIDT Health announced its initiative to provide licensed mental health counselors with well-paid clinical positions.

BEIDT Health typically works directly with the hiring leaders from the Manager to CEO level, which allows it to give mental health assistant job seekers timely feedback and updates on their candidacy with its clients. This can be difficult if you apply through a website or portal like Indeed because there’s no real sense of urgency in terms of how long it takes for your information to be submitted or processed.

BEIDT Health has a rich history of providing mental health assistant job seekers access to various rewarding career opportunities such as fully remote, travel, off-market, partnerships, and stock options opportunities.

  • Exploring various avenues: BEIDT Health will coach and help evaluate licensed mental health counselors with career options, provide them with the company and cultural insight and help move the hiring process.
  • Company and cultural insights: Licensed mental health counselors learn about the company’s culture through interviews, training, and other events. They can also gain insight into their own skillset by using its tools.
  • Guidance via interview training: As an employer, BEIDT Health agents are committed to providing candidates with all available resources so that they feel prepared for interviews, including mock interviews, before starting their new careers at BEIDT Health.*

“We aim to provide job opportunities as we are well aware of the rising demand for qualified clinical practitioners. BEIDT Health cooperates with several agencies in Texas and other states to meet these demands allowing us to offer competitive rates,” said a representative from BEIDT Health.

“We are looking forward to partnering with individuals who have a passion for helping others achieve their goals,” said a representative from BEIDT Health.

The pandemic has led to high demand for mental health professionals worldwide. Specifically, licensed mental health counselors are in short supply, which is why BEIDT Health has come into being.

BEIDT Health provides opportunities for licensed mental health counselors who want to change their lives and careers by providing them with ample job opportunities that can lead to a better future.

About BEIDT Health

BEIDT Health is a leading mental health job provider in Cleveland, OH. It connects behavioral health providers and organizations with talented patient-focused clinical passionate professionals providing the best long-term treatment outcomes. Using techniques and methods never utilized by this industry, linking behavior health professionals with rewarding career opportunities across the US.

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