The Master Businesswoman Accelerator Program Is Helping Female Founders Crash Double Their Business Revenues

Self-made entrepreneur Angela Quach is offering a training program that helps women business leaders operationalize their business ideas and increase revenues dramatically.

Female entrepreneurship is taking off. However, according to Angela Quach, founder of the Master Businesswoman Accelerator program, too many women are languishing below their potential. Now she wants to give them critical knowledge, mentorship, and accountability so they can live the lives of their dreams.

The Master Businesswoman Accelerator (MBA) program is a tool designed to do just that. For $2,000, participants get access to a three-month series of virtual webinars led by top experts in Angela’s personal network. During two-hour sessions, students learn everything they need to know about succeeding in business from how to negotiate better prices to segmenting products, approaching customers and winning better contracts. The course does not guarantee students will become millionaires, but it has led some participants to tremendous success in their commercial enterprises.

“Students have doubled their revenue after just one class,” says Angela when talking about the success of the MBA. “They’ve also launched their businesses and were able to activate their sales funnel.”

Angela also says that the course has been particularly beneficial for those who have been sitting on business ideas for years but haven’t launched them.

“There are a lot of women out there who lack the confidence to execute,” she says. “The course is designed to help with this.”

Each class focuses on a different area of business. Students begin with legal work, then move on to sales, finance, marketing, branding, mindset and leadership. The course culminates with participants presenting their one- to two-year business plans. Coaches then give their feedback on presentations, steering participants in the direction most likely to help them achieve success.

All industries are welcome because Angela and her network of coaches teach high-level business acumen that participants can apply to any sector.

“So, for example, the branding class is going to put you through a lot of marketing exercises that can be applied to any industry,” Angela says.

Angela developed the MBA based on her personal experience of getting into the business world. Like many other female entrepreneurs, she struggled to make a strong start.

“When I first got my business, I didn’t know a thing about finance. I didn’t know anything about contracts. I didn’t really know sales. So I was just learning as I went along,” she recalls. “I started this program because it’s everything I wished I had when I first started off as an entrepreneur.”

She also developed the MBA in response to her upbringing. Her family was poor so she spent much of her youth struggling to make ends meet.

“I was raised by hard-working immigrant parents in a working-class community and grew up on welfare,” she says. “My parents made less than $20,000 a year combined, so I grew up in extreme poverty. I know how it feels to come from nothing and be short on resources. Helping women-owned businesses means more empowered communities, more jobs, and more opportunity.”

The MBA is designed for women between the ages of 25 and 50 who have recently launched their businesses. Typically, participants earn less than six figures in annual revenue but want to increase their sales to the seven-figure mark. Many are freelancers who have only been in business for two or three years and are ready to take their business to the next level.

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