New Gift App Launched – Send Gifts with Email Only – No Shipping Address Required!

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This holiday season, send gifts with email only – no shipping address required!

Denver, Colorado Dec 15, 2022 ( – Send it with Gipht!

Just in time for the holiday season, the Gipht app, a technology gifting platform, has launched in the US!

Imagine if you can send physical gifts via email this holiday season and year-round – no shipping address required!

With all the changes in the workforce, and a lot of people working from home, sending gifts to an office is no longer a viable option. But, you want to send meaningful and thoughtful gifts to your clients, colleagues, and friends! However, what happens when you don’t know the home (shipping) address of your recipient? Or perhaps your recipient is vacationing at their house in Aspen for the holidays.

Send it with Gipht!

The Gipht app is a Shopify app that allows users to send gifts with just an email address – no shipping address required.

Here is how it works:

  • Choose a gift on the merchant’s website
  • Add it to the cart
  • Go to the Cart page
  • Click/tap the “Send a gift with email” button
  • Add in your email and your recipient’s email
  • Your recipients will receive an email notification about the gift, add in their shipping address and the merchant will ship it to the recipient

For the Gift Sender

Easily send gifts this holiday season or any time! It’s a seamless, frictionless process, which also creates the element of surprise for your recipient – no need to ask for your recipient’s shipping address.

Gipht is also available for last-minute or same-day gifts! You can buy the gift and your recipient will get the gift notification right away (the physical gift will be shipped in the typical shipping timeframe).

The Gipht app is available on your favorite gifting merchant’s website. If the merchant does not have the Gipht app installed, ask them to install the Gipht app, available on the Shopify app store.

Send it with Gipht!

For the Merchant

The Gipht app is available on the Shopify App Store. The Gipht app lives on your website with direct integration to Shopify. It’s a seamless process for your shoppers to use the Gipht app. Unlike other gifting platforms such as Goody, Sendoso, and Postal IO, everything goes through your Shopify admin and you get to keep your customer data. Keeping your customer data allows you to engage and re-market to both senders and recipients. The Gipht app is free to merchants.

Who can use the Gipht app?

Everyone! You can send a gift using Gipht to anyone whose shipping address you don’t know – business colleagues, your children’s schoolteachers or sports coaches, friends, or that uncle who always moves around. You can send business gifts, birthday gifts, appreciation gifts, thank you gifts, and graduation gifts – the sky is the limit with Gipht!

In December, Gipht had a lot of big wins. Not only did Gipht launch the app in the Shopify app store, but Gipht also increased their customer base by 3.75x month over month and launched the website –

“I started Gipht because I was having trouble sending gifts to business colleagues after the pandemic,” says Jean Ginzburg, Gipht CEO. “I looked for solutions that allowed senders to send 1) meaningful and memorable gifts and 2) that had an easy, frictionless process. I couldn’t find anything that was available in the market, so I decided to create a new, unique and different solution. We are so thrilled for our merchants who are now part of the Gipht platform. Our 2023 plan is very robust, including recruiting more merchants to the Gipht platform, bulk ordering, sending gifts via text, and gift personalization. As an international company, we are also expanding to other countries that have gifting cultures, for example, Diwali is a big gifting holiday in India.”

Want to learn more about Gipht? Check out the website or install the Shopify app on your Shopify store.

About Gipht

Gipht is a gifting technology platform that allows users to send gifts with an email address only – no shipping address required. Gipht started in 2021 and launched the app in September 2022. Gipht’s mission is to surprise and delight gift recipients with thoughtful and meaningful gifts from artisanal merchants. Gipht’s other capabilities are a robust eCommerce tech platform with experienced, nimble software developers who can iterate the product quickly. Currently, Gipht is a Shopify app that’s available on the Shopify app store and integrates directly with Shopify merchants.


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