Fifth-generation Jeweler Igal Dahan Debuts His Idoraelle Collection

IDORAELLE Queen Pendant La Tige Royal with Diamonds

A Stunning Collection of 18K White and Yellow Gold Flowers Encrusted in Diamonds and Punctuated by Vibrant Enamel Petals & La Tige Royal

New York City, New York Dec 15, 2022 ( – Fifth-generation fine-art jeweler Igal Dahan, designer and president of IGAL DAHAN jewelry (, has launched the Idoraelle collection, a new line of fine-art, precious-gemstone pieces. The Idoraelle collection is the latest iteration from the creator of the popular Cuffs of Love series that has been distributed in 26 countries and worn by celebrities including Elton John, Kim Kardashian, The Hilton Sisters, and Matt Damon.

“The Idoraelle collection is inspired by the flower and its journey from seed to bloom, which is a powerful yet delicate symbol of a woman’s glorious becoming,” says Igal Dahan.

The line of fine-art jewelry features necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings crafted to pay homage to the recognizable and simple shape so often associated with natural femininity. While the silhouette is simple, each design is vibrant and luxurious.

The Idoraelle collection’s statement necklaces tout flower pendants suspended from a stem-like piece known as La Tige Royal. This element introduces a certain elegance and an unexpected air of royalty and allure to the beautiful yet innocent floral pendant. As the pendant dangles gracefully from La Tige, it draws the eye of its admirers, standing out as an art piece that refuses to be ignored.

Igal Dahan is the first jeweler to create a pendant featuring La Tige Royal, which makes the necklace instantly recognizable and sets it apart from other pendant necklaces on the market today.

Flowers are available in a dainty princess or a more substantial queen size. To complete the collection and instill his trademark juxtaposition of play and passion, Igal Dahan incorporated diamond-encrusted elements and petals of brightly colored enamel.

Idoraelle by Igal Dahan exquisitely captures nature’s balance between substance and subtlety, as observed through the eyes of the iconic jeweler. Each flower is forged from white or yellow gold and features delicately placed diamonds surrounded by petals of gold or vibrantly colored enamel.

About Igal Dahan

IGAL DAHAN creations are renowned for their coupling of craftsmanship and creativity. The most precious stones are unearthed and anchored in high-end settings, complementing the woman’s style, and satiating her desire for luxury. Like their creator, every IGAL DAHAN piece is a dichotomy, juxtaposing light and dark, play and passion, old-world and Avante-Garde.

In short, Igal’s legacy is one of timelessness, created by paying homage to the past while forging the future.

“The secret of design is that, first, you must have the vision. Second, you have to establish in your mind the way you can create it. Third, you bring it to the world. Fourth, you ask for the blessings.” – Igal Dahan


IDORAELLE Queen Ring with DiamondsIDORAELLE Queen Pendant La Tige Royal White EnamelIDORAELLE Queen Ring White EnamelIDORAELLE Princess Pendant La Tige Royal Pink Enamel

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