Lumenate Shares Questions All Home And Business Owners Should Ask Before Investing In Outdoor Lighting

Brentwood, TN – Many home and business owners blindly hire an outdoor lighting provider such as a landscaper or electricain only to regret the decision later. This is unfortunate since lighting is an important architectural and safety element in people’s homes and businesses. It is not always easy to decide which company to trust, but Brentwood, TN-based Lumenate says there are a few questions that should be asked before spending the money on landscape lighting.

Lumenate has been helping homeowners and business owners light up their homes and campuses since 2013. Technicians from here have fixed many mistakes that other outdoor lighting companies have made. To help future customers alleviate some of the headaches associated with poorly-installed lighting, the company now shares questions everyone should ask before choosing a provider.

Question 1 – How long has the company been in business?

While Lumenate respects that all businesses have to start somewhere, event lighting, holiday lighting, and other outdoor lighting needs can get expensive quickly. Home and business owners that wish for a flawlessly-executed installation that’s guaranteed in writing should start by asking how long a company has been in business and if they have plenty of references to back up their claims of quality. There are some lessons that can only be learned with time.

Question 2 – Is outdoor lighting the business’s primary service?

Some handymen, landscapers, and irrigation companies offer landscape and holiday lighting as supplemental services to their main business. While many of these may have plenty of experience, it’s almost always best to choose a company that deals with low-voltage electricity regularly to ensure they are up to date on current safety and codes regulations.

Question 3 – Are there “really” any differences in companies, installers and products?

Yes! Unfortunately, like many industries, there is a wide margin in product quality and installation techniques. It seems like everyone is trying to do it quicker, cheaper, and easier, which is a formula for disaster down the road. Steer clear of anyone who advertises that they will beat any price in town. They haven’t figured out the secret sauce. They unfortunately just use inferior products and shortcuts that will only begin to appear within 1-2 years down the road.

Question 4 – How long will it take to install?

Each outdoor lighting project is different, but technicians should have a good idea of the scope of the work at the time of the initial quote. Home and business owners should keep in mind that landscape and holiday lighting is dependent upon the weather. Extreme wind, rain, and snow can delay a project at no fault of the installers. Similarly, event lighting may have to wait if Mother Nature makes it unsafe for technicians to climb ladders and deal with live wires.

Question 5 – Can the system be added onto later?

When a future expansion is in the works, home and business owners are encouraged to ask about adding on to their outdoor lighting system in the future. Those that do plan to add more later should let their technicians know before the landscape lighting design phase. This will help ensure a streamlined process in the future. This may also be a good time to confirm that the style of light fixture utilized will be available later down the road.

Question 6 – What type of fixtures will be installed?

Landscape lighting fixtures should be designed to withstand the elements. Lumenate recommends shortlisting only those providers that use copper or brass fixtures, as these last much longer than less expensive aluminum, composite, or plastic. As an added benefit, high-quality landscape lighting typically includes a lifetime warranty.

Question 7 – Does the company provide maintenance and repair services?

No matter how high the quality, failures and wear and tear happen. Those investing in holiday lighting, event lighting, or architectural lighting are encouraged to confirm that the company provides both regular maintenance and repair services.

The leadership team at Lumenate, which includes architectural lighting designers Dick Thompson and Luther Tanley, along with lead electrician Brad Norton, believes that all homes and businesses deserve quality architectural lighting that will last. The team here explains that asking these questions now can help homeowners and business managers reduce headaches down the road while ensuring their investment lasts for years to come.

Visit Lumenate online to see the company’s work or to schedule an installation consultation.

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