How ADHD Boarding Schools Help Students With Learning Differences

Brentwood, TN – Boarding schools are known for opulence, individual attention, and providing a superior education. However, according to Brentwood, TN-based private school Currey Ingram Academy, students with learning differences and executive function disorder can benefit greatly in other ways by enrolling in an ADHD boarding school.

According to administrators from Currey Ingram Academy, there are many benefits of having a safe residential learning environment. Today, the school presents a few of these and offers tips for parents on choosing the right educational/residential setting for their own student.

One of the main reasons for students to enroll in a boarding school is for comprehensive academic support. At Currey Ingram Academy, students are mentored in groups, and those with language processing deficits or dyslexia are provided additional assistance through literacy labs. Students who need help with math, writing, or other academic elements are also given plenty of opportunities to learn at their own pace and in their own way. Further, students are supported academically through one-on-one time with their educators, as well as interactive notebooks and extended assessment time.

Students also benefit from having a social experience throughout the week and into the weekend. Life skills are an important part of living in a residential boarding school environment, and Currey Ingram Academy offers opportunities for student-residents to enjoy everything from student-led concerts to downtime where they can just relax and enjoy time with their peers. With a distinct focus on executive functioning skills, tasks like doing laundry and having standards for the cleanliness of their rooms help prepare students for the future.

One of the most meaningful benefits provided by boarding schools in the South is teaching students independence. Dorm living at private schools, such as Currey Ingram, is the ultimate on-campus student experience. At this location, students have access to 83 acres, where they can walk, jog, read, or enjoy personal pastimes, such as photography. Students may also have opportunities for day trips to Nashville just a few minutes down the road. Here, students may attend major events, such as Nashville Predators or Tennessee Titans games, or visit any one of the many museums scattered throughout Davidson County.

Students in need of a helping hand where social-emotional learning goes will also find benefits by enrolling in a residential private school. Students at Currey Ingram Academy are offered plenty of opportunities for self-management, self-awareness, decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness. They may learn how to listen, be persistent, or maintain mindfulness throughout their day, both in and out of the classroom.

Finally, students enrolling in a private boarding school develop healthy, life-long friendships. Particular to students at ADHD boarding schools, they may be paired with others with ADHD, dyslexia, executive function disorder, or other learning differences. Students have a chance to form deep and meaningful relationships with people who “get” them. Many students graduate and maintain friendships throughout their lifetime.

Ultimately, students in need of additional academic assistance may find plenty of benefits both in and outside of the classroom by enrolling in a residential program, such as Currey Ingram Academy. From learning life skills to having added support in the classroom, the benefits of a private education are measured one successful student at a time. Parents who don’t have access to a local school that focuses on students with learning differences are encouraged to look at boarding school options. They should consider all of the short and long-term advantages and might wish to schedule an on-campus visit before making a decision.

Currey Ingram Academy is one of the most popular boarding schools in the South. The campus caters to students of average to superior intelligence with learning differences, like ADHD, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and more. While the campus is open and welcoming, Currey Ingram is not an appropriate environment for students with intellectual disabilities or behavioral disorders.

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