Bright Culture has New Crash Courses For Chemistry and Science to Motivate Students to Improve their Grades

Singapore – Students desiring to make test/exam improvements or get a head start in the following school year qualify to attend Bright Culture’s crash course. Compared to tuition programs/private tuition, the Chemistry Head Start Program uses a tried and tested Learn F.A.S.T framework that allows students to engage with the subject and gain academic confidence. As one of the few MOE-registered centers in Singapore specializing in Chemistry, the tutors offer O and A-level Chemistry and lower sec Science lessons.

“We aim to maximize the potential of all our students, not just in school but in life. Our students are our heroes. In their journey to the exams, we’re just the mentor or the guide to help them along the way. All our years of wisdom, experience, and know-how is passed to our students.” – Alex.

Bright Culture’s crash course has 13 modules students can choose from based on their level of comprehension or problematic areas. Many students need help linking atoms, ions, and molecules to the mixtures, elements, and compounds. They find great difficulty balancing chemical formulas, especially when they’re new to Chemistry. However, with chemical bonding, foundational chemistry, the mole concept, acids, bases, and salts, students develop the confidence to tackle most chapters. Once they have a strong foundation in the basics, they can understand and apply complex concepts, preventing C6 to F9 scores. The crash course lesson’s first run goes from 21st November to 4th December 2022 and the second from 5th to 18th December 2022.

In a Chemistry crash course, students learn the pro techniques and shortcuts to score maximum marks for topics tested in exams. They also put the lessons into practice when the tutors go through every question and answer patiently to ensure comprehension. The course includes specially formulated approaches, curated questions, and cheat sheets to cut short learning time. Additionally, the tutors provide secret summaries/mind maps, step-by-step topical notes, concise topical worksheets, quality questions, and other material to reinforce concepts or break down challenging questions.

Many students fail JC1 Chemistry because of a lack of interest, weak fundamentals from O levels, and lack of practice. Bright Culture has an H2 Chemistry Crash Course that allows students to utilize the holidays to learn and minimize burnout during the exam season in 2023. The course teaches ionic equilibrium, organic chemistry, and other foundational concepts, where tutors empower students with practice questions/applications and extensive materials from the education center’s full-color textbooks. The holiday crash course runs from 31st November to 9th December.

While most students don’t need tuition lessons, many of them can’t cope with the volume and difficulty of the MOE syllabus. Bright Culture’s purpose is to provide additional support to students in a smaller group setting to encourage curiosity, confidence, and high scores unachievable in a big class. To secure an in-person or online lesson, visit the education center’s website or call 9187 0820. Bright Culture is located at 183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre, Singapore, 307628, SG.

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