C2SEnergy’s Visionary Partnership with Power-Forma Brings Graphene Battery Capacitors Closer to Pueblo Residents

Pueblo, CO – With the world today witnessing a renewed focus on sustainability, solar energy is here to stay, considering its prominence and lead role in the global renewable energy sector. Over the years, the industry has recorded a consistent surge in public and private investments aimed at research and innovation. It is this increased funding and resolve that has led to the field’s numerous technological advancements, with game-changing innovations being unveiled almost daily.

Given the highly dynamic pace of solar energy’s advances, it is easy for many industry players to lag by holding on to outdated technologies for far too long. Not C2SEnergy, a reputable solar energy industry titan with a commanding presence in Pueblo, CO, and the neighbouring areas. Since its foundation, C2SEnergy has consistently established itself as a regional frontrunner in innovation and technology. The company spares no costs in investing in scientific research to upgrade and optimise its products and services continuously.

Besides running this self-facilitated, in-house improvement agenda, C2SEnergy cooperates with other visionary renewable energy companies through mutually beneficial strategic relationships. Such companies include but are not limited to industry leaders such as Tesla, Enphase, SolarEdge, Generac, Sol-Ark, and Power-Forma(TM). Thanks to the company’s long-standing collaboration with Power-Forma(TM), the solar installation company in Pueblo, CO, is pleased to announce the availability of the revolutionary Graphene Battery Capacitors (GBCs).

While explaining why GBCs are the present and future of solar energy, a C2SEnergy spokesperson said, “Graphene is one of the greatest advancements in material science this century. This supermaterial opens a whole new world of possibilities, especially in energy storage applications for graphene batteries. Compared to most batteries on the market, the Power-Forma graphene supercapacitor can be installed anywhere in your home. A chemical-free supercapacitor that utilizes superconductive carbon alloy graphene-coated technology, promoting heat-free clean energy storage.”

Compared to their predecessors, Lithium batteries, GBCs are a considerable bargain for clients in numerous aspects, including pricing, resilience, efficiency, and performance capacities. These capacitors can be charged and discharged up to a record-setting four times daily with fast-charging capabilities. Their other advantages include an impressive 300% more power production capacity and fire & explosion resistance. This is not to mention the fact that they are more eco-friendly and significantly less expensive compared to regular Lithium batteries. Whenever hired for a job, C2SEnergy’s solar energy contractors pull out all the stops to give clients immediate and long-term value for their money.

Besides the outlined performance and financial advantages of Power-Forma’s Graphene Battery Capacitors, the US government offers other incentives that make renewable energy irresistible. For instance, Congress, looking to inspire a shift to green energy, raised renewable energy tax credits to 30% from 2022 onwards. Potential clients visit C2SEnergy’s website as their first step in capitalising on these benefits. A company representative is always reachable at (719) 671-5000 to answer all queries. The company is located at 1022 Fortino Blvd. #9080, Pueblo, CO, 81008, USA.

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