Austin Sports Medicine: Athletic Injury Treatment For Scar Tissue Removal Launch

The Austin, Texas-based clinic, led by Dr. Bob Meyer (Dr. Bob), has expanded the range of treatments offered to injured athletes with the introduction of FDA-cleared TRT Shockwave therapy. Tissue Regeneration Technologies (TRT) represent a new and non-invasive approach to treating chronic pain and breaking down fibrous scar tissue.

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Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine and Dr. Bob – a chiropractor celebrated for his work with well-known professional and collegiate athletes – now offers this breakthrough regenerative medicine therapy to help patients rebuild damaged tissue. The shock waves boost blood circulation to the targeted area – enabling the body to dissolve the scar tissue. Frozen shoulders, for example, cause scarring brought on by inflammation.

The body’s natural reaction to injury includes the formation of reparative scar tissue. The body might grow scar tissue to heal wounds such as burns, cuts, or surgical incisions. Since many patients experience a restricted range of movement and long-term pain from scar tissue, a variety of treatments have been developed with mixed success. Scar tissue pain can develop years after an injury or surgery because scars are less elastic than healthy skin tissue. In other instances, nerve damage brought on by the initial injury causes pain in the scar tissue. If the wound is deep and it hits nerves or tendons, a person might have long-term symptoms in the affected area.

Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine provides patients with individualized all-body sports injury treatment programs that reduce pain and immobility without the use of prescription medications or surgery. The clinic features a comprehensive therapy bay suited for the treatment of a range of injuries and symptoms. TRT therapy can suppress pain signals for both short-term and long-term analgesic benefits. It can also be used to treat severe musculoskeletal disorders by promoting the body’s natural healing processes to restore damaged tissue.

Dr. Bob uses different tools and techniques for strength training, injury healing, and performance enhancement. For example, Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT) compresses and manipulates the patient’s tissue using acoustic waves to target tissues at various depths – resulting in an accurate and deep massage. MyACT produces mechanical stimulation that enhances circulation and reduces pain in areas difficult to reach by other methods.

The five-star clinic received this review last week: “Dr. Bob is ever aware and constantly growing his wealth of knowledge and practice. I have done numerous things to my neck and back due to karate and Dr. Bob is the only one I trust to take superb care of me.”

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