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The goal of New York Shop Local at the height of the pandemic was to serve as a site connecting shoppers to local small businesses in New York. During the Covid-19-driven restrictions, customers had trouble finding goods and services, and few people could go on errands outdoors due to government-imposed lockdowns.

The New York Shop Local website has been updated with listings of small businesses in the Bronx, along with a dedicated page for filtering businesses located in specific neighborhoods of the borough. It is now easier than ever for customers to locate the goods and services as they can easily access the Bronx local businesses’ contact details online on their desktop or on their phone. These contact details were updated and double-checked for accuracy before being posted on the website’s online directory.

To help small businesses in the Bronx, check out the list of verified local businesses by visiting:

In this post-pandemic season, everyone is pleased to see so many small and local businesses that have survived so far. As part of their long-awaited return, New York Shop Local commits to continue to support them as we head into a potential recession. The promotion of small businesses and encouragement of local shopping will remain the main objectives of this website.

The New York Shop Local website goes beyond simply connecting shoppers to businesses; the team behind this online website would like to educate New Yorkers about the value of buying at local shops rather than big-box retailers. Bakeries, laundromats, florists, beauty supply shops, book stores, nanny services, shopping centers, spas, personal services, sporting goods shops, relocation firms, medical facilities, and more are among the businesses listed on New York Shop Local.

Business owners can submit their company information on the New York Shop Local website or claim their listing as an owner of a shop or restaurant. The website also provides advertising spaces and premium listing choices where business owners can add the logo, social media accounts, additional links, videos, scheduled days, and any other relevant information about the business.

This is just the start of New York Shop Local’s development into a valuable resource for both customers and small business owners. The team is continually coming up with and implementing innovative ideas to improve the website. Every community depends on its small businesses, and they need help now more than ever.

New Yorkers have shown amazing tenacity during one of the city’s most trying periods; now that same energy must be channeled into ensuring that local communities and neighborhoods recover and become stronger than ever.

Learn more about New York Shop Local by visiting:

New York Shop Local

30 N Gould St

United States

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