Starr Cleaning Services: A Highly Rated Company Offering Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ: Starr Cleaning Services is a friend-owned carpet cleaning company dedicated to offering reliable and satisfactory carpet cleaning and the best prices. The team is driven by strong working principles, including honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. These cleaning experts work hard to eliminate stains and odors, remove allergens, and clean client carpets. The company is licensed and insured and focuses on maintaining high-quality cleaning standards.

Starr Cleaning Services uses eco-friendly products that are safe for humans and pets. When a client books a carpet cleaning service with them, the first thing they do after arrival is pre-treat all exposed areas of the carpet with a natural enzyme product. This product is designed to help remove soil and stains and eliminate odors caused by regular stepping on the carpet. During this step, they check for any specific spots and treat them with stained removal products.

Second, they steam clean all the pre-treated carpet areas with over 240 degrees of hot softened water. A natural acid rinsing agent is used to neutralize and balance the carpet’s PH levels, removing stains and spots and leaving the carpet clean. Finally, they dry the carpet using a carpet rake that helps groom the carpet fibres resulting in an even faster drying period.

The company offers various types of carpet cleaning, including steam cleaning, Chem-Dry cleaning and Anti-Microbial Cleaning. Steam cleaning is the most common method of carpet cleaning used by professionals. This method uses hot water of over 200 degrees, effectively removing trapped dust and stains deep within the carpet fibers. The company’s grade truck-mounted machine keeps a high temperature and consistent running water throughout the cleaning. With a combination of hot water and eco-friendly products, Starr Cleaning Services practically restores carpets.

Additional methods of carpet cleaning include Chem-Dry cleaning. This uses heat and carbonation, which releases tiny bubbles that help loosen dirt and tough stains. The loosened stains and dirt are extracted via suction. The main advantage of this method is that it has an 80% reduction in water usage, allowing for easier and faster carpet drying. Another method is the Anti-Microbial Cleaning method which uses an eco-friendly solution to ensure the carpet is left spotless and free of any allergens and stains. This method is commonly used for people allergic to dust and contaminants that may lead to airborne diseases.

Starr Cleaning Services is located at 218 W Hampton Ave, suite 8, Mesa, AZ 85210. For more information on their Mesa carpet cleaning services, tile, grout and upholstery cleaning services, reach them at 480-694-3971 or visit their website.

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