Smart Carpet Cleaning Provides The Best Carpet Cleaning Around Windsor, Colorado

Smart Carpet Cleaning is a residential and commercial carpet cleaning company that uses their revolutionary, patented SMART cleaning technique to quickly and efficiently clean and dry their customers’ carpets. Their Northern Colorado location is in Windsor and they service homeowners throughout the front range of Colorado. Most carpet cleaning companies use old steam methods to clean carpets. This means that carpets look good right after cleaning but not so much a few days later, the drying time can take hours or days, chemicals and foul smells are left in the air, spots tend to return, carpets can be left crunchy, and can even cause carpet roll and seam splitting. Smart Carpet Cleaning eliminates these problems by using 1/10th the amount of water as traditional companies and because they use very few chemicals and no pre-sprays, carpets stay clean longer. Their SMART design stands for soil mobilization and removal technology and it works by using the power of static attractions to remove soil and residues while leaving carpets almost moisture free. The technicians at Smart Carpet Cleaning designed a formula exclusive to this company that has a positive and negative natural charge that is used to transfer soil from carpet fibers to a static attraction pad within minutes. This means that their carpet cleaning technique takes thirty minutes to dry, requires no hoses or fans, carpets stay cleaner longer, and uses 90% less water than typical steam cleaning techniques, which is perfect for those cold Colorado winters. Smart Carpet Cleaning backs up their service by being a Certified Low Moisture Deep Carpet Cleaning business, has the Carpet and Rug Institute gold seal of approval, and an impressive 4.9-star review on Google to prove their high customer satisfaction.

Winters in Northern Colorado are cold and can be brutal on carpets and other aspects of the house. Even in the winter months, it is important to keep carpets clean and Smart Carpet Cleaning is the perfect way to clean carpets in the winter without sacrificing heat and time. There is no need to open windows and doors to help carpets air dry or for running hoses, not being able to walk on carpets for hours, and wasting water and chemicals. With Smart Carpet Cleaning, the carpet will be clean and dry within thirty minutes with no open windows or doors letting the cold Colorado winter air into the home. With this company’s eco-friendly carpet cleaning service, there’s no need to turn on heaters, open windows, or use ventilation systems to dry out carpets. The holidays are a time of fun, joy, and family and friend gathering, so don’t let the stress of dirty or ruined carpets get in the way. Smart Carpet Cleaning is there for all of their customers to guarantee clean carpets in an affordable, efficient, and winter-friendly way to leave everyone happy and satisfied with their results.

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