Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Treatments For Depression and Anxiety In Dogs Announced

Following the legalization of hemp cultivation at the US federal level in 2018, scientists have made progress in studying its health benefits for dogs, revealing its potential to alleviate depression and promote vitality. The newly announced USDA-certified organic Organic Hemp Tincture from PetVetsRx offers dog owners a vegan-friendly remedy for their dogs’ depression that does not involve pharmaceuticals and won’t irritate digestion in those that can’t tolerate animal proteins.

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Canine depression can be triggered by various factors, including separation from their humans or their family, changes in daily routines, or changes in the environment such as a move to a new home.

“We know that dog owners want to do everything they can to ensure their pup is healthy and happy, but when their dog is struggling with depression, and they’ve done everything they can to create a calm and secure environment, hemp oil can help take the edge off without introducing antidepressants,” says a PetVetsRx spokesperson. “Our Organic Hemp Tincture comes with a little dropper so dog owners can add the extract to their dogs’ treats or meals to help them feel like their old selves again.”

They added that to help dogs overcome depression, it’s crucial for pet owners to be familiar with the signs. Common indicators of canine depression include a decline in appetite, a decrease in energy or enthusiasm during playtime or exercise, excessive sleeping and low energy, and self-isolation.

To help dogs overcome signs of depression, PetVetsRx now carries an affordable, broad-spectrum hemp oil distillate shown to promote balance and wellness. This product can target receptors in the brain that are responsible for stress and discomfort to promote a calming and contented sensation.

Researchers point to the naturally occurring phytocannabinoids in hemp that appear to address a number of common ailments in dogs, including depression and anxiety. And while phytocannabinoids can provide benefits when isolated, they produce a more potent and synergistic healing outcome when working together in broad-spectrum hemp extracts, a phenomenon known as the “entourage” effect.

PetVetsRx’s Organic Hemp Tincture is made with a blend of broad-spectrum hemp oil distillate and extra-virgin olive oil, producing a natural and organic phytocannabinoid-rich extract.

A recent customer says, “It was getting to the point where she wasn’t even greeting us at the door anymore, so we tried PetVetsRx hemp oil. Within one week, we noticed an improvement in her behavior, appetite, and energy level.”

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