Selling Real Estates In Probate: FAQs & Mistakes To Avoid, Guide Released

Focusing on individuals who intend to sell their inherited property, the new guide covers each step of the probate home sale process, along with practical advice to help readers avoid the most frequent mistakes people make when selling a house in probate.

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Berkshire Hathaway Pen Fed Realty explains that inheriting a property presents both legal and financial challenges, especially for those unfamiliar with the probate process. The guide discusses these factors, highlighting tax consequences, selling strategies, and specific improvements needed to maximize the property’s market value.

Authored by Marc Cormier, a renowned probate realtor with decades of experience, the guide offers insights into the requirements for opening probate and how involved the court is going to be throughout the process.

Cormier emphasizes the need to work with professionals, such as probate attorneys and real estate agents, with hands-on experience selling properties in probate. He asserts that these experts can help readers sidestep blind spots and avoid potential mistakes that could cost them more to fix.

The guide raises important topics about the various ways a probate house can be sold. Readers will learn about the short-sell strategy often used to avoid foreclosure and the upside-down or right-side-up strategies for houses with a reverse mortgage. The probate guide also outlines strategies to enhance the property’s appeal without the seller paying out of pocket.

As a local market expert, Marc Cormier guides sellers through the home-selling process, helping them close the real estate transaction promptly. His end-to-end probate home selling service ranges from getting the property ready for the market to listing it on the MLS and promoting the house across various channels.

Cormier states, “If you’ve inherited property from a loved one who is now deceased and wants to sell that property, you need to make sure you’re handling the sale the right way. That way, you can find a buyer, complete the sale, and avoid costly mistakes. Luckily, selling probate real estate doesn’t have to be difficult with proper knowledge and the right people on your side.”

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