Wayne, NJ Work Injury Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, No-Win No-Fee Service Update

The determined legal team at NJ Injury Guys Wayne is now taking on more cases for workers who have suffered an injury at work that has hindered their ability to perform their job, and that has also changed their quality of life more broadly. Because they understand that many workers’ finances are affected by these accidents and that their future earning potential is also altered, the law firm is now taking all cases on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means victims do not have to pay the lawyers unless their case is successful.

More information is available at https://nj-injuryguys.com/workers-comp/

NJ Injury Guys Wayne has updated their services for injured workers because they believe that workers’ compensation insurance still fails to adequately compensate many workers, and leaves injured and often suffering individuals to face large insurance conglomerates and often disinterested employers on their own. As a recent in-depth expose by PBS and Frontline revealed, with insurers and big corporations reticent to payout on claims, and likely to undervalue a claim, injured and ill workers and their families assume, on average, 44% of the cost of their injury. Their journalists described this fact as “an injustice worthy of outrage”.

NJ Injury Guys Wayne is similarly angry at this injustice, and they appreciate that an injured worker can often feel lost and alone when they face the complex process of securing workers’ compensation.

If an individual in Wayne or New Jersey is facing an employer and an insurer that has been reticent to pay their valid workers’ compensation claim, NJ Injury Guys Wayne recommends they seek legal advice immediately.

As NJ Injury Guys Wayne is just one branch of the state’s biggest and most reputable name in personal injury claims, they believe they have the legal power to proverbially ‘fight fire with fire’ and create a legal action against the insurer.

The law firm offers complimentary initial consultations and they run a 24/7 helpline.

A spokesperson for the personal injury attorneys said, “The insurance companies that are usually on the hook for paying the benefits of a workers’ comp claim are businesses at the end of the day. Because of this, a workers’ comp insurance company may fight tooth and nail before disbursing any benefits, even if the claim is completely valid. It is in these cases where a workers’ compensation lawyer can prove vital in helping the victims of workplace injuries in New Jersey to receive the full benefits that they truly deserve.”

More details can be found at https://nj-injuryguys.com/wayne

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