Metairie Cash Home Buying For Homeowners Facing Foreclosure, Service Launched

With this announcement, JiT encourages distressed homeowners looking to get rid of unwanted or pre-foreclosed property contact the home buying team as soon as possible. With a fully transparent, no-obligation offer, the home buyers enable sellers to exchange and close in as little as 7 days.

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The home-buying company is now prepared to purchase damaged or dilapidated buildings that would otherwise require significant financing to repair and flip, as well as homes facing foreclosure or with unpaid tax liens. JiT will buy any property as-is, even those with existing tenants. As such, the service update ensures that landlords weary of difficult tenants, homeowners encountering unexpectedly steep property taxes, and couples going through separations can more easily extricate themselves from ownership, as well as free up their finances.

The home buyer’s simple 3-step process begins when the property owner contacts JiT over the phone or by completing an online form. Its team will then calculate a fair, no-obligation, and fully transparent cash offer based on an assessment of the local property market and average sale prices in the area.

JiT will pay all of the closing costs on the seller’s behalf and never includes any deductions, charges, or fees for using its service. Moreover, sellers do not need to rely on traditional real estate methods which can be unpredictable, costly, and risk the possibility of the sale falling through at the last minute.

The company will purchase any home, condo, apartment, or townhouse as-is, meaning no repairs or cleaning are expected before closing. The service allows property owners to access the equity in their home without spending any money on repairs, inspections, or evictions to do so. In addition to Louisiana, JiT Home Buyers has exchanged cash for properties in Arizona, Michigan, and California, as well as a number of other states.

A spokesperson for the company said, “JiT Home Buyers makes serious cash offers and doesn’t play games. You may not have months to sell your house. Our no-nonsense deals let you sell your house fast. We offer solid, transparent deals that give you real value.”

More information can be found by visiting

Jit Home Buyers

4324 Veterans Memorial Blvd

United States

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