Winnipeg Milled Digital Denture Design With Trial Period Announced

The latest announcement from Minuk Denture & Implant Centre provides a state-of-the-art solution to the design and fitting of durable and comfortable prosthetic teeth. The dentures are made from premium natural materials that are more durable than traditional dentures.

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The announcement underlines the center’s commitment to improving treatment outcomes for clients. Digital dentures help to eliminate the discomfort that can accompany eating certain types of foods. A precise design means that the dentures remain in place and can bolster the wearer’s confidence about eating or speaking in social situations.

Digital dentures are created using advanced software, allowing for a more accurate 3D scan of a subject’s teeth and jaws than afforded by traditional impression methods. The resulting images and subsequent restoration designs are then converted to a digital file to be 3D-printed or milled with special equipment.

Minuk’s digital dentures offer improved durability and strength over traditional denture teeth. Each tooth in the digital set is custom-built and all teeth are milled as one piece, adding a solidity in both feel and use. By connecting the teeth in this way, digital dentures are less prone to fracturing. The team uses CAD software to design aesthetically-pleasing smiles for patients while the accuracy of the milling technology ensures superior comfort.

Minuk clients can expect a fast turnaround on replacement dentures. All scans are kept securely on file which means dentures can be replicated quickly if a client wishes to have a backup set made or a damaged one replaced. Copies of existing traditional dentures can also be made.

About Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre

The centre has been in business since 1977. Minuk is a family-owned and operated venture, offering a personal touch to its services alongside complimentary consultations. The denturist team brings expertise and attention to detail to every case with second opinions readily-available from experienced colleagues.

A spokesperson says, “Denturists are the only dental professionals specifically trained in both clinical and laboratory procedures. As a result, they are more familiar with all of the aspects of making a perfect set of dentures, regardless of the mouth involved.”

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