Valencia AC, Solar Panel Installation & Double Flow Ventilation Announced

The updated service involves the installation of aerothermal heat pumps that can achieve a performance of up to 700% at any time of the year without relying on traditional fuels. AireClim’s aerothermal installation service is carried out by licensed Valencia technicians who are knowledgeable about all types of air conditioning systems.

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Aerothermal energy is an eco-friendly solution that homeowners in Valencia, Spain, can use to keep their homes cool in the summer and warm during the winter, explains the company. The updated aerothermal installation service is also available for commercial clients.

AireClim’s aerothermal system comprises a compressor, a condenser coil, an expansion valve, an evaporator coil, and thermostatic mixing valves. The systems extract up to 77% of the energy from the surrounding air, making them an alternative to traditional heating systems.

Before installation commences, the total cooling power needs of the client’s home or office are determined. In addition to determining the feasibility of the installation, the air conditioning professionals analyze the equipment and materials that would be necessary. Using radiators, radiant underfloor heating, heat pumps, or air conditioning splits, the company’s technicians can distribute the modified air temperature around the client’s home or office.

Since every home requires unique air conditioning solutions, AireClim develops a custom aerothermal solution for regulating its temperature. The company guides clients through every aspect of the installation, and when completed, the client gets an efficient heating and cooling system that can function with little to no maintenance.

About AireClim

With a combined 15 years of experience in the air conditioning industry, AireClim continues to help residential and commercial clients with the installation and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation, solar energy, and heating systems. The Valencia-approved air condition installation company also manufactures fiber and sheet metal ducts for duct machines and helps clients install ducts, splits, cassettes, and others. More information on the company’s ventilation and heating solutions is available at

A satisfied client said: “We called AireClim for a service at home, and they delivered such good results that we called them again for a new installation. Just like the first time, they were attentive, professional, and completed the job quickly and efficiently.”

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