Resilience & Problem-Solving Coaching For Business Leaders: Consultation Updated

Dr. Wichro’s newly updated services draw on 30 years of practical experience in national and international health, pandemic preparedness and response strategies, and research. Awarded International Public Health Expert and Humanitarian Consultant by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), Dr. Wichro offers a multidisciplinary approach to capacity building and holistic problem-solving suited to business environments and to individuals seeking personal growth.

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Dr. Wichro says her greatest satisfaction is to be of service to others, helping them tap into their personal power to unleash hidden potential. Newly updated services through one-on-one and group consultations put this expertise to work for companies, communities, individuals, and organizations struggling to move forward as the pandemic waxes and wanes.

Crises take as much of a toll on individuals as they do on organizations and communities; however, the effects aren’t always obvious. Dr. Wichro helps her clients increase health-related productivity and strengthen institutional systems through enhanced resilience training that takes into account times of crisis, and today’s post-crisis environment.

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A recent survey released by the American Psychological Association reveals 84 percent of psychologists report continued increased demand for the treatment of anxiety. Sixty-two percent are seeing a rise in demand for help with trauma and stress-related disorders.

With a background in medicine, global health, crisis management, ethics, and acute psycho-social support, Dr. Wichro is a recognized expert in global health security, cross-sectoral collaboration, and personal wellness.

Her capacity-building and holistic problem-solving strategies enhance organizational and personal performances by showing leaders and individuals how to connect strategy with rational, powerful, solutions-oriented decision-making.

Dr. Wichro helps her clients reconnect with what motivates them, brings them joy, and their personal power. Her capacity-building strategies are a result of deep and practical experience in mission countries around the world, and training for groups that include the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

Dr. Wichro says “When you do what you are passionate about, everything becomes effortless, and no challenge is too big. I go the extra mile with you to help you achieve your aspirations. Together we thrive.”

By leveraging evidence-based strategies, Dr. Wichro helps clients move forward in health and wellness. With an update in services, she now provides business leaders, community leaders, and individuals with the tools they need to optimize resilience.

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