SuperOne Online Trivia Crypto Gaming App For Sports Fans, Player Blog Released

Through a unique game launch that took place during the FIFA world cup, and partnerships with several major sports and media brands, the new SuperOne Trivia game has already achieved success with soccer fans around the world. This new blog published by the Smart Gamers Club explores how the game works for players, as well as brand partners.

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Originally launched on December 15th, the SuperOne Trivia game began with a focus on the FIFA World Cup. However, the game developers plan to branch out into other sports, as well as other topics, to attract a broader fan base. Smart Gamers Club’s video shows how, as the game expands to cover more topics, it can generate unique revenue streams for both players and brands.

Recent research shows that online gaming has become a $300 billion annual market, though experts suggest that amount could grow significantly as online games expand, covering more niches and categories. SuperOne Trivia is one of the largest, no-cost, global online trivia games to date that provides real-world incentives for the top players.

The Smart Gamers Club blog explains that SuperOne Trivia uses an intuitive app with simple controls to make the game accessible to anyone without requiring technical skills to set up the app or participate in the game. When players receive a new “true or false” question from the game, a simple swipe left or right allows them to lock in an answer.

While the basics are simple, the guide also points to several more advanced features in the game, called Passes, Freezes, and Swaps, that add an extra layer of excitement for players. These premium features allow players to pass on a question, freeze the timer, or swap to a new question, though they can only be used three times each per game.

The blog also explains how SuperOne Trivia funding works for both advertisers and players. By supporting no-cost gameplay with brief media ads, SuperOne Trivia provides a range of options for players, from no-cost gameplay with moderate winnings to paid gaming with larger reward pools.

An excerpt from the report reads, “Gamers can upgrade to join in the backend as well, so they can play for free and can literally share in the potentially huge International Revenue Pool that can be used both to buy crypto and convert into your preferred currency.”

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