Kina and Tam x Casetify Collaboration: Turn A Phone Case Into A Work of Art

Has one ever gotten a very cool new phone case only to be extremely unsatisfied with it once its placed on one’s phone? The design may not be quite what one expected, or it’s not the right style for their phone. It happens to the best of people. But what if one could turn that phone case into a one-of-a-kind piece of art? What if one could make it their own in a way that didn’t require any painting skills or artistic ability? Well, now one can, thanks to the Kina and Tam x Casetify collaboration.


Casetify is the fastest-growing worldwide tech accessory brand, reaching 1 in every seven millennials. It’s evolved into the go-to place for publishing and self-expression, bringing people together in meaningful ways. Casetify cases are great for many reasons. Despite their strength and longevity, they are surprisingly lightweight and svelte. They’re easy to grip and won’t slide out of one’s hand because of their velvety smooth surface. Plus, one can find them in a rainbow of hues and patterns to complement their sense of fashion.

Casetify has a wide variety of phone covers to choose from so that one may express themself through their phone. A wide selection of cases means there’s a good fit for anybody. And now, with Kina and Tam’s collaboration, one can find a case that fits their personality and style. One can now have their favorite KAT designs in phone cases and tech accessories!

Why Kina and Tam

Kina and Tam’s online clothing store is a playground for grown-up shoppers. It offers fun, freedom from worries and endless hours of enjoyment–all in the form of unique designs! They are known for bright, colorful and one-of-a-kind clothing that is designed to fit perfectly–and has no time for worrying about what other people think. Kina and Tam believe that fashion should be fun, not stressful! Their clothing is for the free-spirited, original and creative people who want to express themselves through their wardrobe. They have a range of products, including tops, bottoms, and loungewear, and now they have expanded to creating amazing phone cases and tech accessories in partnership with Casetify.

Discover Their Playground Favourites

Kina and Tam invite all the big kids who aren’t quite ready to grow up to their fashion playground, where they may play dress up in a safe and fun environment. Their clever illustrations are now available on phone cases, and other tech accessories from Casetify, and they delve into nostalgic childhood memories and the process of coming of age. Here are some of their favorites:

Best Buds: This playful illustration depicts two flowers in fun colors and patterns, which are best buds. The two plants lean in toward each other as if sharing a secret.

Pet Peeves: This is a cute illustration of puppy faces that show what each pet peeve is. This is indeed a great way to show off one’s love for animals and make people laugh at the same time.

Duck Tales: This is a sweet and colorful illustration of ducks in no particular order, with flowers and other playful patterns.

Floral Funk: This is a fun illustration of floral patterns and colors. The flowers are in different shapes and sizes, but they all blend nicely to create this art piece.

Match One’s Fit with Their Phone

Because the Kina and Tam collection from Casetify is so versatile, one can match their phone case to their outfit. Whether one is dressing up or wearing down, plenty of designs will complement any look.

The Floral Funk Vest is a stylish way to add flair to one’s outfit. One can wear it with anything from jeans and sneakers to shorts and sandals! If one already has their floral phone case, then match the two together for a well-rounded look.

The Pet Peeves Cardigan is a great option when one is looking to add something a little more casual to their outfit. It’s also a cute way to show off some personality while still maintaining that classic look that everyone loves. It looks great with jeans and sneakers but can also be worn with shorts for a fun summer look!

The Okay Jumper is a super duper soft and cozy jumper that keeps one warm during the colder months. One can wear it over a tee or with a button-up shirt. And if one is feeling extra cozy, throw on their favorite pair of leggings and some slippers! One can match it with the Okay iPad pro and AirPods cases to create a beautiful set that will show off their style.

Final Thoughts

If one loves Kina & Tam but needs a phone case to match their unique personality, now is the time to switch up one’s style. There’s a perfect fit for every phone and user on Casetify. They have hundreds of designs in stock right now, so whether one is looking for something playful or sophisticated, there’s something for everyone in their collection.

Casetify’s unique re-creation process takes discarded objects and materials and turns them into something completely new. This process allows for a special one-of-a-kind phone case that is 100% eco-friendly. The Ultra Impact Case is their most advanced drop protection case ever. It’s equipped with top-notch EcoShock technology and a corner shield to withstand drops up to 11.5 feet–more than 5x the military-grade standard!

If one is looking for a great holiday gift, Kina & Tam cases will be great for anyone on their list. They have something for everyone’s style, so whether one is shopping for someone who loves pets or is more of an artsy type, there’s something that will suit their personality perfectly.

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