Alercell Is All Set to Launch a Leukemia Diagnostic Test Lena Q51(R)

BOZEMAN, MT, December 29, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Alercell is all set to launch LENA Q51(R) in January 2023. A leukemia diagnostic test based on sequencing DNA will detect up to 51 Genes mutations in Leukemia patients.

Alercell is on a mission of making a significant difference in the fight against cancer by offering unique and precise diagnostic solutions that enhance patient outcomes. Alercell is a young and dynamic firm. To better fulfill the demands of the clients, they are continually working to improve their products and services. They have an active research and development program to create new goods for even more precise testing, and their products are based on the most recent technology. Alercell, Inc. seeks to provide innovative in-vitro testability for cancer testing while streamlining the process of detecting infectious diseases. In their ideal world, early disease detection is achieved by testing, allowing prompt implementation of preventative measures. Alercell is based in the United States, but they also have manufacturing and storage facilities in Europe and Asia, extending its accessibility and reach around the globe.

In July 2020, the first Alercell COVID-19 fast test arrived in the USA. Since then, Alercell has created a stir in the sector by creating new, creative methods for conducting tests that are more precise, effective, and easily accessible. Being a molecular diagnostics startup, Alercell, Inc. also offers quick testing for leukemia and cancer to detect life-threatening conditions as soon as possible. The company was established to give cancer patients worldwide better precise and rapid diagnostic tools. By offering unique and accurate diagnostic solutions that enhance patient outcomes, Alercell aims to contribute to the fight against cancer. “Stopping it before it starts” is the cornerstone of the Alercell mission. Our genetic testing is the first defense against cancer, leukemia, and infectious diseases. Bozeman, Montana-based Alercell is a biotechnology business with a R&D branch in New York City.

Alercell will soon introduce a new test and brand. The first leukemia diagnostic test, LENA Q51®, based on DNA sequencing and could identify up to 51 gene alterations in leukemia patients. An intriguing development is this test. Until recently, a series of blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy were required when someone was “suspected” to have leukemia. It costs thousands of dollars and takes somewhere between 6 and 9 weeks. With LENA Q51®, all of this is avoided, and in just three hours using a qPCR machine, clinicians will be able to identify any gene mutations among 51 different genes. By doing this, we can determine in 3 hours via computer, eliminating the need for human interpretation; the information gathered will also enable us to tailor the patient’s treatment—all of this for a much lower price.

Moreover, the fight against the most lethal cancer, lung cancer in the US is a first. The first methylation-based molecular diagnostic test for lung cancer, LENA S1®, will be made available by Alercell later in the first quarter of 2023. As an epigenetic regulator of gene expression, DNA methylation enables early diagnosis of lung cancer and very accurate localization of the disease, if present. Alercell Neuroscience will make a formal announcement in early 2023. Alercell Neuroscience aims to create a nanoparticle neural interface for recording and controlling brain activity. Prof. Gleb Sukhorukov, Ph.D., Chair in Biopolymers at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), will spearhead our efforts. Professor Sukhorukov is a renowned scientist around the globe.

Alercell plays a significant role in preventative medicine, particularly in the detection and treatment of cancer. The CEO and the CMO of the company, Dr. Alexandre Scheer MD, are leveraging genetic research to develop novel drugs and testing procedures. Scheer thinks that genetic science holds the answer to improving early diagnosis and eventually identifying severe illnesses before they manifest inside the body. By employing such techniques, the healthcare system may save a large sum of money, and patients may receive excellent care before grueling chemotherapy treatments. Scheer is particularly sensitive to this subject since he is undergoing all these challenging therapies while battling severe cancer. Frederic Scheer stated, “I want to let people know well in advance to avoid what I am going through”.

Alercell, Inc. co-founder Frederic Scheer successfully floated multiple start-up firms on stock-exchanges including NASDAQ and NYSE. For the past 25 years, he has worked in the chemical business and alternative technology. Scheer holds 15 US biotechnology patents including three on nanoparticles. As the co-founder of Alercell Inc. “I am thrilled that via the application of our knowledge of the genome, we are now able to produce very performing tests that will help people in finally avoiding the unpleasant traditional treatment,” he says regarding the company’s goods. The business focuses on collaborating with reputed pharmaceutical firms and other healthcare organizations to benefit its patients and ensure that the public always has access to the quickest diagnostic procedures and most affordable medications.

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