Valeska NYC announces a major concert in the heart of Times Square

Icons Concert

Valeska NYC puts together one of the biggest concerts in the heart of Times Square with the biggest names in Early Pop Culture History

Manhattan, New York Dec 28, 2022 ( – ICON: Is defined as a person or thing widely admired, especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sphere. The same can be said for the lineup of the latest concert that was just announced by party promoter extraordinaire Andre Faria of Valeska NYC. The ICONS concert has some of the biggest named performances that once dominated the airwaves during the early pop culture era of the 1980s & ’90s. The ICONS concert is being held at the Blue Midtown Lounge on March 25th, 2023, in NYC.

Performing live on stage: Judy Torres, George Lamond, Cynthia, Noel, C-Bank, Strafe, Sammy Zone, and Taina Lopez. Music will be provided by The Bad-Boy Richie Rich. We’ve assembled the biggest names in early pop-culture history to perform in the heart of one of the biggest & best cities in the world, I’ve never been more excited,” says Andre.

Andre continues to say… Every artist in this lineup has contributed, shaped, and paved the way quality music is presented to the world today. Hits such as Change on Me, Silent Morning, Bad of the Heart, and Set it Off & Come into my Arms are classics that have resonated in our memories for generations to come.

When asked “Why produce a concert in New York City?” Andre replied. “WHY THE HELL NOT?” The music you refer to as “Early Pop Culture”, others refer to as “Freestyle Music”. 30 plus years later, Freestyle Concerts still dominate the stages of all major venues in the Tri-State area but are rarely held in NYC.

The few concerts that are held in NYC are usually super expensive which limits the number of people that will show up to enjoy a piece of that nostalgia. Most concert promoters in my genre of music don’t understand or simply don’t care about the demographics that provide them with the income needed to feed their families.

The Freestyle Music Genre mainly consists of Latino & Italian Americans ranging from the ages of 40 to 65. A majority of these guys have children and even grandchildren. The older generation of fans doesn’t particularly like to party till 4 am, hence why our shows are different.

The doors for our “ICONS” Concert open at 5:00 pm (EST) and the concert ends promptly at 10:00 pm (EST). Our show allows the ticket holders a chance to get home at a decent time to tend to their families, it also allows them the time to plan a night out in the city. Fans can have an early dinner and plan a walk around Times Square after the show to take in the scenery of a city that never sleeps.

Our NYC competitors offer nosebleed section tickets starting at $121.00 per ticket when there are families out there still suffering the financial effects of Covid19. Charging prices that high is completely insane to me. Ticket buyers of the genre can have the same experience in a more intimate setting, with the same lineup, in the same neighborhood costing them a mere $35.00 a ticket. That’s a Huge Difference if you ask me.

Valeska NYC is the new face of party promotions dominating the competition by offering lower-priced concert tickets in larger City domains. For more information regarding this concert, please click on the hyperlink: ValeskaNYC

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