The Mediterranean diet: the future direction for people’s well-being

United States, 28th Dec 2022, King NewsWire – The Mediterranean diet, defined by Ancel Keys in the 1960s, is one of the best known and most researched eating patterns worldwide. 

Since the 1960s, the Mediterranean diet has been widely studied to understand its role in the prevention of chronic and/or de-generative diseases, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cognitive decline, and cancer. 

Several studies have been conducted on this diet that have indeed found its association with decreased incidence of cardiovascular disease and positive effects on cognitive function, aging parameters, and improved quality of life. 

In fact, the Mediterranean diet has been associated with the concept of healthy aging, defined as the absence of major chronic diseases, good physical and mental condition, absence of depression, absence of pain limiting function, good social functioning and independent performance of daily activities.

This positive aspect is related to the regular consumption of olive oil, which contains a mixture of dietary essential fat acids.  Consumption of olive oil is considered the main reason for the long life expectancy of Mediterranean populations.  EVOO is the main source of unsaturated fatty acids and other components, such as vitamins and polyphenols.  

Polyphenols in olive oil have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, anticancer, anti-obesity, antidiabetic and antimicrobial effects. 

The presence of legumes, grains and nuts in this diet also increased its beneficial effects. This is because the main components of legumes are flavanols, a type of polyphenols that decrease cholesterol and blood pressure and regulate energy metabolism.  On the other hand, regular consumption of grains, such as rice and wheat, in the form of pasta, bread, couscous, etc., and potatoes, constitute the main sources of energy and carbohydrates, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Not to be forgotten are fruits and vegetables, an essential source of vitamins that positively affect the immune system.  

Dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, also play a main role in this diet and, thanks to the presence of lactic acid bacteria, help to keep the bacterial flora balanced at all times and prevent gastric and intestinal problems and abdominal bloating.

Another important food that is present in this diet is fish. Fish, especially blue fish, contains valuable omega-3 type polyunsaturated fats. These are a group of essential fats associated with anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular health-protective properties. 

Finally, a characteristic aspect of the Mediterranean diet is the moderate consumption of wine during meals.  It is known that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not recommended, but it has been seen that a glass of wine a day can bring beneficial effects to the body. 

This beneficial effect would derive from the positive actions carried out by alcohol (increased levels of good cholesterol, reduced clot formation and production of changes in blood pressure) and the presence of resveratrol, a natural substance that would help prevent damage to blood vessels and, thanks to its powerful anti-oxidant action at the level of free radicals present in the cells of delicate structures such as those of the brain, would help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

From what emerges in the lines above, the Mediterranean diet, thanks to the presence of an important variety of foods, is the most complete and rich diet that really brings benefits to the health of individuals ( ). 

Unfortunately, modern society, being characterized by a frenetic and unregulated lifestyle, has difficulty following these directions. It is for this reason that MAGISNAT ( ), together with its American and Italian professors and researchers, promoted a line of supplements to help people make up for their deficiencies caused by an unregulated diet.

These supplements are currently two: GARLIVE Recovery and GARLIVE Oral Spray, available on Amazon ( ).

Specifically, in GARLIVE ORAL SPRAY ( ) and GARLIVE RECOVERY ( ), contain more polyphenols than two cups of extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, GARLIVE Recovery also contains high dosages of vitamins: among these, for example, it contains B-group vitamins, C, D (one tablet contains more vitamins than 14 ounces of fruit). 

A great effort for MAGISNAT, but absolutely necessary to bring benefits to the population.

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