Pompano Beach & Hialeah FL Divorce & Alimony Lawyer Talks Miami Child Custody

Christina McKinnon, founder of McKinnon Legal in Pompano Beach, recently appeared on The Attorney Post Podcast (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTvQT2o5d64)to discuss child custody issues in the Pompano Beach area. As a Hialeah divorce and alimony lawyer, she has a wealth of experience when it comes to child custody matters and was able to provide some invaluable insight into the complexities of the area.

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For those unfamiliar with child custody law, McKinnon gave an overview of the different types of custody (sole and shared) and how judges determine who will have custody of the child. She also discussed the importance of having an experienced attorney by one’s side during a child custody battle, as well as the importance of having a parenting plan in place before the court makes its final decision. She also discussed some of the unique circumstances that affect mothers and fathers engaged in physical custody battles in south Florida.

McKinnon went on to discuss the different types of financial and emotional support that can be provided to a child following a divorce or separation, and the various parental responsibilities of custodial parents granted legal custody of minor children. She mentioned that child support payments can help to provide for the child’s basic needs, such as food and shelter, as well as for extracurricular activities and educational expenses. She also highlighted the importance of ensuring that the child’s emotional and physical health needs are met, such as having access to both parents and maintaining a close relationship with them, even when sole custody is the court’s determination in a child custody agreement.

Finally, McKinnon discussed the importance of communication between the two parents when it comes to child custody. She emphasized that both parents need to be on the same page and have a positive relationship in order to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Overall, Christina McKinnon’s appearance on The Attorney Post Podcast was an informative and insightful look at child custody in the Pompano Beach area. Her advice and guidance will be invaluable to anyone facing a child custody battle, and her insights will no doubt help many parents make the best decision for their family.

McKinnon Legal, a family law firm located in Miramar, which is in South Florida, serves as a Pompano Beach experienced family law attorney & child support attorney and announced today that they are now offering experienced child custody attorneys to clients in the area. With decades of experience, McKinnon Legal’s team of legal professionals are dedicated to providing quality legal representation and legal advice and representation to people facing child custody and parental rights issues.

The child custody lawyers at McKinnon Legal have experience in a variety of family law matters in South Florida, including adoption, divorce, alimony, and child custody. With a client-centered approach, the firm’s attorneys strive to provide tailored solutions that meet the individual needs of each client. The firm also works closely with clients to ensure that their rights are protected in the courtroom.

“At McKinnon Legal, we understand how important it is for our Boca Raton custody rights clients to get the best legal advice and representation available,” said a representative from the firm. “Our Miami and Broward County Family Law attorneys are highly experienced in child custody matters, and are well versed in all common child custody issues, and are committed to providing the best possible outcome for our clients.” The firm, according to McKinnon, also provides expertly skilled yet affordable family law attorneys, and can help clients who would have trouble covering the full cost of hiring a child support lawyer to battle for child custody by appealing to the courts for assistance paying on their behalf. They also help with Post-Divorce Litigation, Equitable Asset Distribution, custody arrangements, visitation rights, and can handle extreme situations that involve child abuse, neglect, and endangerment.

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