Lets Scale Announces Fractional COO & Operations Services

Let’s Scale Announces Fractional COO & Operations Services

Many SMBs and growing enterprises don’t have a chief operating officer to oversee daily operations. But they may be the key that unlocks Business growth. Business Owners know their business better than anyone, but a COO provides a fresh outlook and insider knowledge on how to run a business. SMBs can trust them to come up with strategic ideas while the business focuses on reaching the company’s core vision and long-term goals. An outsourced COO will benefit every organization because COOs have the insight of a professional who remains impartial to the inner workings of the business.

What is the impact of a fractional COO?

A fractional COO is essentially an outsourced professional who serves as the chief operating officer. They may come in once a week, once a month, or at any level of frequency that the business needs them for strategic planning, process improvement, and other operations-related projects.

By working with a fractional COO, the business adds an outside perspective to their team and benefits from their fresh insights that innovate business strategy. The business also doesn’t have to worry about the costs of having a full-time employee because they’re contracted resources.

Businesses only pay for what they need.

Whether start-up or a growing company, invest in an outsourced COO who can redefine processes and strategies, or when business models seem stagnant.

What are a fractional COO’s areas of expertise?

A fractional COO takes care of all operational matters to lighten the load and help focus on achieving long-term business goals.

These are the different areas of expertise that Let’s Scale’s outsourced COOs handle:

Operational Assessment: Reviewing business operations to improve operational efficiency

Strategic Planning: Creating a feasible plan and taking the necessary steps for implementation

Process Improvement: Fine-tuning operational processes and procedures

Supply Chain Management: Refining logistic channels and inventory investments

Organizational Development: Maximizing resources for a stable future

Change Management: Assisting through changes in the organizational structure

Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating threats to earnings and capital

KPI & Metric Reporting: Identifying and assessing the measurements for performance

Exit Planning: Developing a long-term vision for a clean exit

Let’s Scale’s COO consultants can also help improve financial performance, sales and marketing strategy, and technology and tools. LetsScales’ network of vetted resources from growth management consultants, marketing partners, and development partners fills in the gaps that are hindering businesses from success.

How does a fractional COO help businesses achieve success?

Let’s Scale’s part-time COOs have their eyes set on employee engagement, operational efficiency, and profitability. They do this by aligning business goals and organizational processes, rearranging operational priorities, and recommending concrete steps to meet goals and priorities.

Keep in mind, however, that the road to seamless operations isn’t built overnight.

A dependable COO starts by gaining a deep understanding of the business’ goals and processes. From there, the CEO and the senior operations leadership must identify strengths, opportunities, and areas for improvement. Then, that’s when they start suggesting changes that enable the business to innovate, perform better, and bring in more revenue.

LetsScale’s virtual COOs deliver transformative results following areas of focus omnichannel growth strategy framework.

Systems: Everything is working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

Culture: The company culture is shared values, practices, and beliefs supported by both the company’s employees and their clients.

Agile: Framework in place to support the collaborative efforts of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers/end-user.

Lean: Continuous process Improvement in place for continually reviewing a process to identify waste or areas in a process map that can be improved.

Efficiency: The ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, effort, money, and time in doing something or in producing the desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste.

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