DCPTG Lets Professional Technology Protect Users and Enjoy the ‘Smart’ Life

Seattle, WA, United States, 27th Dec 2022, King NewsWireDCPTG, Digital Currency Pioneer Technology Group (DCPTG), is headquartered in New York, USA. The company has 16 professional departments, a total of 1,400 high-tech talent, 31 engineers spent 6 months to build the DCPTG platform.



DCPTG’s main business is to combine the capabilities of big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to provide quantitative investors and investment institutions with industry-leading new data and intelligent technology services, covering machine learning, strategy development, back testing, trading, and risk control. By realizing artificial intelligence quantitative investment and improving investment efficiency through machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies, as well as providing users with new quantitative big data and intelligent technology services, DCPTG aims to become an artificial intelligence quantitative trading platform and community for every user. Here, quantitative investors can use the most leading artificial intelligence technology without a threshold. There is no need to learn a lot of difficult programming and algorithmic knowledge. We are committed to using DCPTG to empower more investors with the power of artificial intelligence


Introduction of Intelligent Trading System

DCPTG is a cryptocurrency intelligent trading system based on blockchain, developed, and technically supported by the professional blockchain technology team under DCPTG company. The system’s 100% accuracy rate and 0 risk rate of intelligent trading mode are trusted and chosen by investment enthusiasts worldwide.

Through the DCPTG platform quantitative model to capture opportunities and develop trading strategies, through the program algorithm to automate trading, fast and accurate capture opportunities, when the price of the coin reaches the set buy and sell price, the intelligent system will immediately fill the order, in a few seconds can complete the transaction, 24-hour non-stop data collection, no manual observation of the market, efficient and stable to earn revenue, this is the charm of quantitative.

DCPTG work nature profile

The core of the job is to buy cryptocurrencies at a low price and sell them at a high price, the exchange rate difference generated in the transaction is the profit of each complete transaction (buy and sell)

DCPTG is a quantitative trading platform that provides investors with the tools and services to do quantitative trading and help them do it better. In other words, at the quantitative trading platform, the weapons are ready for users, they don’t need to build it themselves, they just need to learn to use it.

[Intelligent algorithm as a guide, digital financial trading as the core, creating a 100 billion level AI intelligent quantitative market]

Quantitative trading refers to the use of advanced mathematical models instead of subjective human judgment, using computer technology to select various “probable” events that can bring excess returns from the vast sea of historical data to develop strategies, greatly reducing the impact of investor sentiment fluctuations and avoiding irrational investment decisions in the case of extreme market mania or pessimism. Investment Decision Making. Using current AI intelligent calculator technology, a large amount of data can be analysed in a short period of time and then traded automatically with pre-written trading models to improve trading efficiency. The artificial intelligence system has the latest market trading information from all exchanges and uses the computer’s powerful computing power to trade spreads on major exchanges. 70%-80% of Wall Street’s trading in the secondary market is done through quantitative trading. This is done through quantitative trading.

Their main goal is to provide the best service to their clients.


DCPTG Features

  • Balanced Investment Smart Life
  • Low Cost
  • Diversified Investment
  • Intelligent investment portfolio that
  • Flexible investment and risk diversification
  • Expert Data Analytics
  • Intelligent data analysis
  • Comprehensive market information at a glance
  • Automation
  • Balance alerts
  • Balance-adjusted investments
  • Ensure the best investment strategy


Why choose DCPTG?

  • Easy Selection Optimal Allocation
  • Pick the right investment direction
  • Pick from a portfolio
  • The best investment preference for you
  • Optimize Wealth Allocation
  • Regular Portfolio Adjustment Reminders
  • Achieve optimal wealth allocation effectively



For custom, highly specific models, DCPTG offers a state-of-the-art toolset that allows ML practitioners and data science teams to process data, build real-time machine and deep learning capabilities, upload ipython notebooks, monitor model drift, and set up CI/CDs for machine learning systems. our MLOps infrastructure helps users get to market 10x faster than any other industry-leading platform. Their intuitive user experience and holistic platform saves users from orchestrating across multiple services, constantly reinventing the wheel, and having to deal with intractable problems of scale. DCPTG has been adopted by world-class organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies.

  • Award Winning Service
  • Outstanding Online Securities Trading Platform
  • Best E-Commerce Company Award (Financial Services) Silver Award

Today, DCPTG is deploying artificial intelligence-driven innovation to help them keep pace with constant change.

Media Contact

Organization: DCPTG LLC

Contact Person: David Hawkins

Email: admin@dcptg.xyz

Website: https://www.dcptg.xyz/

City: Seattle

State: WA, 98104

Country: United States

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