Strata EXC: Leading the Charge in Blockchain Development & Services

Strata EXC is pioneering ‘fintech as a service’, offering a range of options to help businesses and organizations take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology, including custom development and consulting expertise. 

Salt Lake City, Utah – Strata EXC – a leading blockchain development company committed to expanding the adoption and use of blockchain technology across a wide range of industries and businesses, is pioneering the use and deployment of business processes, payments, and beyond with blockchain technology at its core. In driving the expansion of blockchain adoption across a variety of industries, the company is offering a myriad of services that are designed to empower businesses and organizations with a modern and future-forward approach. In fact, Strata is most adept at setting organizations up for future success where one-off integrations and disparate systems are soon to be a problem of the past. Among the many benefits Strata highlights for its clients are increased security, transparency, and efficiency when utilizing this technology.

One of the key services offered by Strata EXC is the development of custom blockchain solutions. The company’s team of experienced developers retain a deep understanding of this emerging technology, creating tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. This includes the development of private, public, and hybrid blockchain networks, as well as the creation of smart contracts and other blockchain-based applications. In addition to custom blockchain development, Strata also offers a range of consulting services to help businesses and organizations understand and take advantage of the potential of blockchain – improving their operations and scope of use. This includes guiding clients in identifying opportunities for utilizing blockchain technology, as well as providing guidance on how to integrate blockchain into existing systems and processes.

Today, Strata EXC continues to excel in expanding the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the financial industry, as well as payment solutions. Having worked with a number of financial institutions to develop custom solutions, they have been successful in improving the security and efficiency and flexibility of financial transactions for organizations globally. This includes the creation of blockchain-based payment systems as well as the development of smart contracts for automating complex financial processes.

Such solutions pioneered by Strata EXC are also helping to drive the adoption of blockchain technology within the supply chain management sector. Smart contracts, automations, and processes built to streamline processes are especially relevant in this industry, providing opportunity for extensive optimization and real-time visibility into the movement of goods and products. With incredible flexibility and adaptability, these technological innovations also expand to healthcare, education, government, and beyond.

As Strata continues to lead the way in blockchain development and innovation, their team remains committed to helping businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries to fully realize the potential of this technology. Through its custom development services and consulting expertise, the company is helping to drive the expansion of blockchain adoption and use, positioning itself at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly-evolving realm.

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About Strata EXC Corp

At Strata EXC Corp, we provide our clients with a complete solution for expanding their businesses into the global markets. We offer a one-stop shop for connecting features, managing KYC and compliance procedures, issuing cards, receiving/disbursing funds in any currency, establishing crypto tokens for payments, and monetizing assets–all without worrying about local regulatory issues or crypto know-how. With Strata’s “Fintech-as-a-Service” solution, you can get ahead of the competition by embedding a total commerce and financial services solution into any application or using it as a stand-alone service. Rather than using unlinked solutions and causing a never-ending development process, this is a much better method. Contact us today for more information

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