Carrier M1-1056 16x25x5 Furnace Filter For Homes: Online In-Bulk Orders Launched

The M1-1056 Merv 11 16x25x5 furnace filter is one of the bestselling furnace filters the company offers, but customers have many others to choose from on the website. United Filter has the largest selection of HVAC filters, all of which can be bought online and in bulk.

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The announcement comes as a Washington Post article advises that changing air filters regularly is essential because it improves home air quality and keeps the HVAC unit running at optimal levels.

United Filter’s Merv 11 16x25x5 furnace filters trap pollen, dust, lint, smoke, dander, bacteria, and other fine particles like dust mites and mold. They have a 90% filtration efficiency rate, making them one of the most reliable furnace filters on the market.

United Filter explains that no matter the age of the home or the HVAC system, the filters still need to be changed regularly. Many homeowners think that only older homes require HVAC filter maintenance, but this is not the case. The air vents are among the first things installed in a house, so they accumulate dust and debris from the construction as soon as they are in place. If homeowners feel stuffy or if the smell of paint or dust lingers in a new home, they are advised to get their filters replaced as soon as possible.

The company further explains that filter maintenance is essential for those with a history of allergies, asthma, or skin conditions. While the Merv 11 can effectively trap mold, dust, dust mites, and bacteria, leaving all those particles in the filter can cause flare-ups in people with the aforementioned health conditions.

“Most people pay little attention to their HVAC system. As long as it’s keeping them warm during winter and cool during summer, why worry about it? Beautiful moldings and casements or new roofing and windows can make a dramatic difference to the home’s value. But there can be a real health impact with small things, and choosing the right filter is one of them,” a company representative said.

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