Startup Investor Pitch Deck Design Course For Pre-Seed Fundraising: 2023 Release

IdeaPros has announced the launch of a series of resources that offer expert insights on how to design a fundraising pitch deck. These insights are provided by the company’s mentorship team, which comprises serial entrepreneurs, product developers, and startup executives.

More information is available at

Asked what makes its offerings unique, the company explained that its learning materials bear the approval of real-life investors, who have reviewed and participated in thousands of pitches and understand what catches the attention of investors.

“Many of the presentations we see are intended to communicate to investment funding sources that you are the perfect investment opportunity, but they miss the mark,” IdeaPros stated in one of its articles. Instead of providing exact specifications, the company said it identified patterns that the most effective presentations share.

The full list can be accessed at

IdeaPros’ primary learning programs also offer a way by which students can consult an expert regarding their pitch deck drafts.

The first is through the Business Starter Pack course, which offers in-depth discussions on a number of subjects related to entrepreneurship, such as product validation and fundraising. Enrolling in the course entitles students to pitch deck templates and checklists designed by the IdeaPros team and a brainstorming session, where one can consult a mentor about the contents of one’s pitch deck or the viability of a business idea.

“A second option is to put your pitch deck to the test by submitting it to the team directly to see if it impresses,” a company spokesperson said. “It will go through a thorough review, which could send you back to the drawing board or fast-track your product’s launch.”

They explained that the result of passing IdeaPros’ nearly month-long review process is a partnership opportunity with the company itself. Agreeing to this partnership will result in the formation of a launch team, which will be headed by the company’s founder, Frederick Cary.

“But whether or not you get the nod, your pitch-crafting skills will reach a whole new level with the things you’ll pick up from our team,” the spokesperson added.

Interested parties can learn more about IdeaPros’ learning resources at

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