Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Tool To Regain Access To Crypto Assets Launched

Made of brushed stainless steel, Cryptotag Zeus supports over 50 different coins. Globally trusted by cryptocurrency traders, the seed recovery tool is compatible with Windows 8+, Mac 10.10+, Linux, or Chrome OS. It has a USB port for the Ledger Nano S.

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The newest addition to The Crypto Merchant store helps cryptocurrency traders store their passwords securely to avoid losing access to their crypto assets. According to New Yorker Magazine, many owners lose access to their crypto assets by misplacing hard drives or flash drives, or relying on apps to keep their passwords safe.

The crypto security retailer explains that having a physical copy or recovery seeds for a trader’s crypto password is the only way to ensure they will never lose their assets. Having a recovery tool offers a higher level of security compared to storing passwords online or writing them in a journal.

Recovery tools like the Cryptotag Zeus store seed or recovery phrases, which are a series of simple words like “bonus,” “below,” or “bicycle.” These words unlock the trader’s crypto wallet and take the place of an alphanumeric password. The Crypto Merchant explains that these words are easier to remember than long and complicated passwords but are just as secure.

For every transaction a trader makes, their wallet generates these private keys, allowing them to complete the transaction securely. The Cryptotag Zeus follows the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 or BIP-39 industry standard, so it can be used with virtually any wallet.

The Cryptotag Zeus is equipped with a PIN code, which protects the seed phrases should the owner lose the recovery tool. After a number of attempts to guess the code, the recovery tool will delete its contents. Traders, on the other hand, can still access their accounts through any compatible wallet using their 12, 18, or 24-word seed.

“Getting a hardware wallet is the only way to outsmart hackers and avoid losing your crypto assets. But it’s critical that wallets are purchased from an authorized retailer, otherwise, they could arrive tampered with or compromised. We want to help people avoid horror stories, and have peace of mind when storing their hard-earned assets,” a company representative said.

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