UK Window Cleaner With UV Air Purification For Offices & Workplaces Launched

As reports show that poor indoor air quality impacts employee health and productivity, the product supplier has launched its air-purifying window cleaner. The spray is described as both an effective surface cleaner and purification solution that eliminates VOCs, tobacco smoke, pet odours, bacteria, and viruses.

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The new product is suitable for use inside offices, workplaces, retail complexes, social venues, and commercial buildings. It can also be used in the home, on interior car windows, blinds, curtains, and any surfaces that are exposed to sunlight.

The company notes that indoor air pollution can be 5 – 10 times higher than outdoors. Moreover, poor indoor air quality negatively affects employee health and decreases productivity. In addition, a Royal College of Physicians report shows that air pollution causes over 6 million sick days per year and has a total social cost of 22.6 billion in the UK.

Indoor air pollution comes from several sources that release gases or particles into the air. These include certain building materials, household cleaners and solvents containing acids, VOCs, lye, bleach, and other toxic chemicals. Damp, mould, cookstoves, tobacco smoke, and artificial fragrances are also causes.

“PURETi Clean & Fresh is a sustainable health-enhancing innovation,” said a company spokesperson. “It uses the power of light to clean. It improves indoor air quality by oxidizing harmful organic particles, including VOCs, making the air cleaner and safer.”

The website describes how in contrast to chemical cleaners, the child and pet-safe product uses naturally occurring photocatalyst minerals to continuously clean the air. Once applied, the oxidisation process repeats for up to 3 months.

The formula comes in a double-action trigger spray bottle with an integrated fluid filter. It can be directly applied to dust-free, dry surfaces and polished with a microfibre towel.

Pure Clear Coatings Ltd is a London-based certified applicator and distributor of PURETi products for both indoor and outdoor use. PURETi is a winner of the iSCAPE project which aims to develop sustainable air pollution remediation strategies and decontaminate European cities with photocatalytic technology. PURETi Clean & Fresh is used by Google, Apple, Tesla, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, Kimco Services, and more.

A company spokesperson said: “PURETi can be a major contributor to sustainability efforts by making surfaces proactively improve air quality, conserve water and energy, and significantly reduce the use of chemicals used in cleaning.”

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