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The firm now offers an extensive selection of hand-picked software engineers from Latin America. Candidates are experienced in the systems and processes used by US companies, and areas of expertise can include most common front and back-end development languages, such as .NET, Python, Java, C#, React JS, Angular, and Redux.

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The move comes as the rapid growth in technology creates greater demand for skilled and experienced software developers. ParallelStaff states that its nearshore outsourcing solution offers engineers in the same time zone as US companies, and its rigorous selection processes are designed to mitigate the challenges faced with traditional offshore outsourcing.

A recent report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights the current job market for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers. It projects that, over the next decade, more than 160,000 new positions will be created every year. With a growth rate of approximately 25%, it is the fastest-growing occupation segment in the US.

ParallelStaff has noted that talent shortages continue to affect many US organizations, and the company’s enhanced nearshore outsourcing solution is designed to address these concerns. The firm offers a streamlined hiring process, allowing client organizations to review, interview, and onboard software developers in 5-10 business days.

The company believes that its solution offers several distinct benefits. The ability of engineers to work in US time zones enables a more seamless integration, while flexibility in hiring models is designed to provide greater scalability.

About ParallelStaff

Headquartered in Texas, ParallelStaff aims to leverage the talent of Latin American countries to provide US companies with a cost-effective and reliable nearshore outsourcing service. The company offers augmentation of existing IT teams, as well as dedicated software development teams for specific requirements.

A company representative recently stated: “Nearshoring ensures that the professionals working on your project can work in your time zone and can easily travel to your site if needed for project training or kickoff. Our emphasis on value overlaps alongside dedicated IT expertise making integration into your organization seamless.”

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