Jared Huffman, Founded Pro-Life Payments, as a CC Processing Firm with a Purpose; 15% of Revenue Goes Towards Saving Babies

With a comprehensive platform, Pro-Life Payments provides the same ease of use that many businesses have grown accustomed to with comparable rates. Built with similiar technology, Pro-Life Payments is a life-giving alternative to PayPal, Stripe and Square.

Catering to the most marginalized voice in society today, the unborn, the voiceless, Pro-Life Payments welcomes Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Jews, and even Secular Liberals and/or Atheists to support their mission. Even though ProLife Payments was founded as a Christian company, they are not particular about their client’s religion, and welcome all who are willing to stand up for LIFE.

According to Founder, Jared Huffman, “Why can’t we as Christians build billion-dollar companies? Why can’t we build a billion-dollar company and give away 150 million a year to save babies?

The secular world dominates big business, and I want to take it back. Hebrews 1:9, if we have momentum and God on our side, the sky’s the limit.

Many babies will be saved in Jesus’ name! “

Pro-Life Payments Perks Include:

  • “Month to Month” deals without crazy early termination fees.
  • Pay up to $295 for buyouts.
  • No need to lease equipment.
  • Process and deposit money the next day or even the same day.
  • Prayer for their clients success.

5-Star Testimonials Include:

“I’m so grateful to have found Prolife Payments when we did. We were already in the market for a new payment processor for both of our businesses, and they were VERY easy to work with during the application and set up phases. As a business owner, I can rest assured that all my transactions align with my values and have an impact in the efforts to support life.” Stephanie Perry, “Living in Freedom Experience”

“We Partner with ProLifePayments because to make real change; you need to be willing to lead by example and ‘Put your money where your mouth is,” Haydee Sperling, CEO, ProAmerica360

“It is a shame that in a country founded on Christian principles, that Christians have to (many times) support the foes of our Faith when they choose financial services. Nearly every financial service seems to support a Culture of Death – and the bigger the institution, the more agnostic they seem to be. Thank you, Lord, for bringing Pro-Life Payments to my attention. Help me to spread the word about this wonderful opportunity. This allows me to provide the means to fight for you in this great Battle For Life.” Joseph Kirchhoff, Knights of Columbus

Pro-Life Payments Supports All Payment Types Including:

  • E-commerce
  • Omni – Channel
  • Mobile
  • Retail & Restaurants
  • Giving & Tithing

Offering credit card processing services and banking solutions for Pro-Lifers, Pro-Life Payments takes 15% off the top to fund groups that are saving babies in the womb rather than funding groups that are actively working against the common good.

Media Contact

Company Name
Pro-Life Payments
Contact Name
Jared Huffman
(844) 781-6070
North Carolina
United States

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