Redux Vancouver Leaves a Mark on Global Sustainability Goals by Recycling Used Cooking Oils in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC – When most people hear about global sustainability efforts, they immediately think about minimising the use of fossil fuels, forgetting that it is a multi-pronged initiative touching diverse fields. For instance, minimising wastage and promoting recycling play critical roles in realising this noble, global course. Looking to play its part in this mission, Redux Vancouver offers a wide range of sustainable solutions, with a particular focus on the food industry. According to UNEP’s 2021 global food waste index report, some 2.5 billion tons of food waste find their way to landfills and dump sites every year. This wastage is a potent environmental polluter that Redux Vancouver aims to minimise using brilliant ideas and proactive sustainability efforts.

Tracing its roots back to 1964’s foundation of its parent company, West Coast Reduction Ltd., Redux Vancouver’s green-revolution roots run deep. In 2010, the company branched off to specialise in Vancouver’s food industry, specialising in used cooking oil, grease traps, and organics. Its grease trap cleaning service not only helps many of Vancouver’s fast-food joints maintain the required hygiene standards but also puts recovered waste materials into better use instead of letting them pollute the environment. On the other hand, the company’s recycling specialists convert organic food wastes such as bone and fat materials and pre-consumer bakery organics into nutritious pet and livestock feeds.

Redux Vancouver’s collection services for used cooking oil are perhaps the most robust, with far-reaching implications. If left untreated or carelessly disposed of, such oils and fats can easily clog sewer systems, contaminate landfills, and pollute waterways. Luckily, the residents of Vancouver need never worry about such concerns as Redux Vancouver is always capable, ready, and willing to do all the dirty work. Customers requiring this service need only place a quick service request online or via phone and leave the rest to the company’s experts. Even better, the company provides customers with durable, internal storage containers for safely storing used cooking oil between pick-ups. Depending on the quality and chemical composition, the company recycles these oils to produce animal feeds or biofuels.

While explaining why they are the best at what they do, a company spokesperson said, “At Redux, nothing is important to us. Because when there’s nothing left, we’ve done our job. We collect food waste and byproducts from producers like farms, restaurants, and supermarkets. Then we transform them into ingredients for animal feed, renewable energy, and thousands of other everyday products. We’ve learned a lot about sustainability during the 50 years we’ve been in business. And our commitment to protecting the environment is unchanged. We’re still a family-owned and operated company. We still care deeply about the environment, our employees, and our communities.”

Sustainability enthusiasts from Vancouver can learn more about Redux Vancouver’s organic waste and byproduct recycling services from the company’s website. Alternatively, they can direct queries or concerns to a company representative at (604) 255-9301. The company is located at 105 N Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 4V7, Canada.

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