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Nuevo Leon, Mexico Dec 20, 2022 ( – Nibav Home Elevators, Mexico’s best air-powered vacuum lifts, will put an end to your hunt for a compact home lift. Nibav’s home lifts, a pioneer in the industry, develop home lifts that are safe, quick, and cost-effective to both purchase and install. Nibav Elevators was founded with the intention to deliver affordable luxury and Nibav Home Lifts’ New Series II is accorded as the best pneumatic lift in the world. As a result of rigorous research and development, Nibav elevators are superior residential elevators in terms of technology as well as design. It provides a quiet, stylish, and smooth experience and is a perfect home elevator for Mexican homes.

The Right Home elevators for Mexican Households:

Nibav Home Elevators is the best-certified vacuum elevator for Mexican households. These tastefully designed residential elevators are powered by the abundant resource “AIR.” Nibav home lifts are designed to blend in with any home while providing unrivaled comfort and safety, making them the safest available home elevator in Mexico.

Nibav Lifts Mexico has established itself as a global elevator industry leader and has become a well-known residential elevator company. The company’s network is extensive, with customers in numerous countries. Nibav Elevators has successfully created a client base in countries such as Uganda, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa, among others. Nibav Elevators’ global presence is owing to the elevators’ high quality and value, as well as their ease of installation in a small space. Nibav has been and will continue to be the cheap luxury brand in the home elevator industry, particularly in Mexican families.

Nibav’s home elevators require only 3.7 kVA of power and operate on single-phase electricity when moving up. This elevator is considered environmentally friendly because it needs no electricity when descending.

Why should you go for Nibav Elevators?

Hassle-free installation

This elevator may be installed in about 24 hours and requires no civil construction.

Excellence of Nibav

To provide great quality at low prices, we mix Australian technology, European components, and investment in high-tech production lines.

European Standards

We are also ISO 9001-2015 certified, ensuring a consistently high level of quality throughout our management and industrial processes.

Efficient & Compact

The house lift contains a cabin that can comfortably seat two people while only requiring a base space of 1010 mm.

Machine-roomless elevators

This allows you to maximize your space, protect the structural integrity of your home, and install the lift quickly because it does not require additional space for the installation of the lift’s engine or any other structural requirements.


The use of aluminum and galvanized steel in the building of Nibav’s home lifts allows for a lightweight elevator without losing strength.

Outstanding Aesthetics

When compared to standard elevators’ mechanical appearance, Nibav’s home lifts offer excellent beauty with a panoramic glass view on all sides. The entire system can be contained within a single object that fits into any home design style thanks to our built-in model.

As a result, with Nibav you get a home lift with great technology, a robust design, and a lift that provides a comfortable and refined experience.

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