Sales Tax Software SmartCert Offers Superlative Customer Support and 30% Savings

Businesses that sell to resellers are often out of compliance with their states’ sales tax laws and most don’t even know it. Liability for fees and the payment of sales taxes that they don’t need to pay are completely avoidable, but only if they use the right tools. There is a simple solution to managing this arduous task, and it is called SmartCert.

The kinds of businesses affected by sales tax exemption certificate management are mostly in the supplying, manufacturing, and wholesaling sectors. One example of the kind of business that might benefit from using SmartCert is a floral goods supplier that sells to florists. The florists do not pay sales tax to the supplier. Instead, the florists’ customers pay sales tax, which is collected by the florist, which then pays the state. However, the floral supplier needs to track the exemption and resale certificates that are kept by the florists. If they don’t track those certificates, they could very well end up in trouble with each and every state in which they sell their floral supplies. That’s where SmartCert comes in. This specialized software tracks and manages all the exemption certificates of all the florists with which the floral supplier does business.

SmartCert was developed by Clarus Partners Advisors LLC to help their clients with the time-consuming and painstaking task of tracking their customers’ tax exemption certificates. Clarus Partners are experts in indirect sales and use taxes, giving them an edge in the accounting industry over general accounting firms.

“Our partners offer our clients more than 150 years of experience precisely in the specialty of managing indirect taxes – including sales taxes – and our staff are just as experienced,” said Clarus Partners Advisors LLC Partner Steve Hanebutt, CPA. “One of the unique benefits we offer our clients is that we have folks on our team who have been on the ‘other side’ of the tax equation; they’ve worked for the state agencies that oversee sales tax collections and compliance. We know this area inside and out. Our clients definitely come out ahead because of our expertise.”

SmartCert sales tax software is a robust cloud solution for managing sales tax exemption certificates. It was specifically developed by Clarus Partners as a proprietary sales tax software solution for the common business complication of tracking sales and use tax exemption certificates. This software is used by bookkeepers and accountants to manage sales and use tax exemption certificates. The system is designed to help businesses keep track of expiration dates, renewals, and other essential information related to sales and use tax exemption certificates.

SmartCert sales tax software has been gaining market share because the support offered to clients is unequaled in the industry. Lauded by the customers who use it, SmartCert’s customer support is the result of the sales tax software having been developed by Clarus Partners, experts in indirect taxes. SmartCert helps clients overcome the many challenges they have probably experienced with other software programs that are attributable to the lack of effective customer support because customer service representatives almost always lack knowledge of the reasons for the exemption certificate software in the first place. After all, they are not tax experts.

In addition, SmartCert not only simplifies the entire process of sales tax exemption certificate management but also has no hidden fees, unlike its competitors in the marketplace.

Customers who begin using SmartCert after working with another sales tax software system are aware immediately that the service they get is better than the competitors’ customer support.

In addition, large and small companies also realize cost savings after switching to SmartCert. This was the experience shared by SmartCert user Diana Jander, Indirect Tax Director at Cardinal Health, a SmartCert customer

“In the past, we used a competing software for our exemption certificate management,” Jander said, “but we find that SmartCert is backed up by Clarus Partners’ fantastic customer service. We can also customize it for our business and it’s about 30 percent less expensive than the other companies’ software programs. We aren’t constantly being assessed additional charges for add-ons that amount to hidden fees. It has really been a smart choice for our business.”

SmartCert allows businesses to collect certificates from their customers and proactively notify them when an exemption certificate will soon expire. All sales tax exemption certificates are stored in the cloud-based solution, making them available in just seconds for audit or review. Clients are always audit-ready with certificate reports right at their fingertips.

Constantly changing regulations are a real challenge for many businesses to keep up with. SmartCert ensures the correct form is always accessible. This enables clients to easily identify certificates that are invalid and help them stay compliant.

Clarus Partners Advisors LLC is a leading provider of sales tax software solutions as well as sales and use tax compliance and consulting. Clarus Partners developed SmartCert sales tax software, which is positioned to become an industry leader in sales tax exemption certificate management, yielding clients significant sales and use tax savings along with unparalleled customer support.

To learn more about how Clarus Partners Advisors LLC can help their business, readers are invited to visit Get Sales Tax Software – Clarus Partners.

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