MarketingBlocks AI Assistant By Ifiok Nkem, Dec 19, 2022 App & Software Launch

Over the last several years, artificial intelligence has been built into many marketing tools, allowing them to generate unique assets for any business niche. This new AI-powered tool, MarketingBlocks, launches in December as the first “all-in-one” solution that includes everything needed to create and run an online business without outsourcing to human experts.

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Designed by Ifiok Nkem, MarketingBlocks is the first AI-powered marketing assistant that can create entire, cohesive digital campaigns without extensive editing by the user. The software package does the job of ten individual AI applications, including building websites, writing emails, and creating videos.

Though the software does not require extensive editing to build a campaign, it does include a complete set of tools for editing blogs, graphics, videos, and other content it creates. This allows users the option to build entire campaigns quickly with a few clicks or to edit the fine details of each aspect of the campaign before it goes live.

MarketingBlocks uses a simple three-step process to generate new content. To start, users will be asked to enter the name of their product or service and a brief description. This will provide the basis for all of their content, and users can then choose to generate unique marketing copy, landing pages, videos, or other content, from a drop-down menu.

The software will generate unique results every time, with a focus on attracting new clients and increasing conversions. To help ensure that every piece of content is distinct, MarketingBlocks includes access to extensive libraries of royalty-free materials, including more than 12 million stock images, 10,000 vectors, HD videos, and clip art.

By combining the creation of new web pages, and content for those web pages, into one tool, MarketingBlocks is able to create content that flows smoothly and looks more natural than other AI-powered solutions.

One satisfied user said, “If I’m to pick one thing that actually made me fall in love with this app, it’s the simplicity. It’s so easy to use that even a 7-year-old can become a Digital Marketing Consultant overnight. My only regret is not joining earlier.”

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