Mark Cooper Is Taking His Music To The Next Level With His Unique Talent

Mark Cooper is a multi-disciplinary Rapper and Producer, carrying the torch of Nerdcore from Detroit, Michigan. His branded work consists of a large body of verses and cyphers touching on all things considered “Nerdy” or from Gaming Culture, including references from but not limited to Gaming Systems of all brands, Transformers, Power Rangers, Halo, Naruto, and Tron, earning the perfect branding of “nostalgic.”

The difference between Mark Cooper and the many who have traveled the road of Nerdcore is that he’s sustained his placement in the music industry, sharing the stage with artists such as MC Lars, Mystery Skulls,Shingo2, Mc Frontalot, Sammus,Essenger,Cybertronic Spree,  Mega Ran, VGR,Schaffer the Darklord, and various others. As a producer, Mark has created 59 completed projects including work with Miz Korona, Fatt Father, Finale, Mega Ran, Crooked I,  as well as spotlights and headlining ranks for MagFest, Magwest, Youmacon, Blerdcon,and a Times Square performance for Liberty City Anime Con.

Cooper has also landed sponsorships and brand deals throughout his time in the spotlight, including sponsorship from MyHydrationPack, as well as producing the cypher for Team Backpack out of South Africa, as well as Detroit.

With his producer credits come quite a few highlights, which include multiple film scores with Youtube Series, “Power Rangers Unworthy”, King Vader and Irving lambert short film “Power Puff Girls”  as well as the music for a documentary ‘History of WCW Video Games III.’

The type of Nerdcore I focus on is what I call “Nostalgic rap”. My main topics dive into what I personally and many others may have grown up with. So I think outside of that “box” people say we’re in but instead exists in everyone’s garage sale, comic shop, game consoles, DVD and VHS box set, toy store, and even YouTube uploads from the past and present.


“If this is virtual reality in lyrical form Cooper has finessed it with bars layered on top of a punchy production that had me reminiscent of some late 90’s Dr. Dre slash Warren G type records. This song hits heavy & continues the travels within Nerdcore. Oh, and an Animaniacs reference. Bringing back the childhood memories as I listen on.” – COMMiSSION,

“While some of the nerdtastic homages are in your face, some other homages lay beneath the surface. Whether intentional or not, this listener sees a fusion between Video Game Culture, Hip-Hop, and a dash of the same ambience that Kavinsky brought to the ‘Drive’ movie with the song ‘Nightcall.’’ – Ami Nicole,

‘Mark Cooper brings a cool, interesting perspective to the music industry. Coming from the motor city, his style of music makes him really stand out from the noise within the marketplace today. One word will break down or better yet describe his style of music. That word would be ‘Nostalgic.’” – Kareem Williams, BeatsandBarsBlog

“Let’s not forget his greatest accomplishment of 2019 and one of the most stellar hip-hop concept albums I’ve come across in recent times. For emcees who dare venture into the world of concept albums this sequel in a series of more to come not only tells its story authentically, but it engages you as you listen in order following Player One on his journey. It’s a depth that allows you to climb in, and pick out new things with each listening session.”- COMMiSSION,


7 million sound views on Tik Tok

Over 700k sound views on Instagram

“Elements” Runaway Droid x Mark Cooper Lands on Doom Eternals playlist Soundtrack.

Mortal Kombat High Remix track feat. Starbomb has charted 34 times across the world including #9 in Canada 

Charted #51 “TV Man” Techno Albums in Japan

#5 on CKUT 90.3 – Lunchroom Takeover – “Action”

#10 on Detroit Rap’s ‘50 Albums That Invaded My Playlist in 2019

Forever Synth New Release Picks Jan 17, 2020

Over 500,000 Streams on Spotify solo/ over 2 million in collaborations

Liquid Arts & Entertainment Magazine “Artist of the Week” and one of the “Best of 2019”!

Featured in Youmacon Roundup in Detroit’s MetroTimes

Sponsorship from MyHydrationPack

VPC Competition

Solo Tour in 2019

GrimeProof Tour 2022

Astrogon Mobile Game – Paris, France – Music and Level featuring Mark Cooper

First Hip Hop artist to ever be played on 101.1 WRIF

Scored a Green lantern short film “HAL”

Scored Trailer for Power Rangers Unworthy

Power Rangers album supported by original cast including Jason David Frank, Walter Jones, Blake Foster, and Justin Nimmo to name a few.


JunesFlow, ‘Long Live Jit’

Runaway Droid, “On The Line” Featuring Mark Cooper

Miz Korona, “Give Up Feat. King Gordy and Marv Won” and “No Mask” from ‘The Virus’

Finale, ‘62’

Runaway Droid, “Trek Wars” Featuring Mark Cooper

1085 Astrogon Mobile Game – Paris, France – Music and Level featuring Mark Cooper

TeamBackPack (Detroit & South Africa)

Power Rangers Unworthy (Youtube Series)

King Vader and Irving Lambert “Power Puff Girls”

101 (Marv Won, Ro Spit, Ron Dance)

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