Dr. Raimondo, PhD, MPH, Expert on Eating Disorders brings Eating Disorders Trainings to the Forefront of Institutions, Schools and Companies

Dr. Raimondo helps clinicians, educators, and workplace leaders navigate the world of eating disorders, diet culture, and body justice. Her training’s invite curiosity while creating an authentic place to share. Dr. Raimondo values social justice and she intersects social justice in her trainings.

“Marcella has the unique ability to blend a clear, detailed, academic approach with warmth, compassion, and humor. Her workshops and presentations are dynamic.”- Lara Mendel | Co-Founder/Executive Director, The Mosaic Project.

About one person dies every hour as a direct result of an eating disorder (Eating Disorders Coalition, 2016). Eating disorders impact families, communities, companies, and classrooms daily. The statistics don’t represent the magnitude of the challenge faced. Many aren’t even aware they have a disorder. This is especially true for marginalized communities.

This is why it’s crucial for leaders in communities to invest in solving this problem. Dr. Raimondo’s training’s help attendees understand the prevalence and nature of eating disorders. “Everyone deserves access to tools, training and support to heal from their eating disorder. I want to help you provide this resource to your client/colleague.” – Dr. Raimondo

Eating disorders impact every aspect of society. They are intersected in all communities. There is a myth that eating disorders only affect thin, white, affluent, cisgender, able-bodied, neurotypical teenage girls. This myth is not only erroneous but continues to invisibilize marginalized communities suffering from eating disorders.

“Dr. Marcella Raimondo is a social justice advocate whose contributions to the field of eating disorders are essential and exemplary…. I am repeatedly awed by her capacity to enliven the topics she addresses with a humanity and conviction that leaves a lasting impact. Her sensitivity to inclusivity and intersectionality reminds us to be vigilant in owning our privileges, recognize how they inform our perspectives, and do our utmost to serve all those who suffer with ED through socially just research, prevention and treatment.” Beth Hartman McGilley, PhD, FAED, CEDS, Fellow, Academy for Eating Disorders, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, Clinical Associate Professor

To bring Dr. Raimondo to one’s organization for training, schedule a consultation: https://marcellaedtraining.com/contact/appointments/. Learn more about Dr. Raimondo at https://marcellaedtraining.com/.

For nearly a decade, Dr. Raimondo, PhD, MPH, battled with anorexia nervosa. As a queer, cisgender, able-bodied woman of color, she struggled in her recovery because her story did not mirror those in mainstream eating disorder textbooks and biographies. Yet her privileges afforded her to access treatment for her eating disorder. It is outrageous and inhumane for anyone suffering from an eating disorder to not recover. Dr. Raimondo has dedicated her life to bring in social justice in all aspects of eating disorders – from diagnosis to treatment.

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