David Suson Helps Sales Professionals Expose and Address Blind Spots That Keep Them From Achieving Sales Success, Author of BALLS: The 3 Secrets of Sales Success

For over 25 years, David Suson has worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes in many industries such as technology, banking, communications, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution. His speciality is helping sales professionals address blind spots that are keeping them from achieving their Sales success. He teaches the key techniques that will greatly impact one’s ability to achieve them.

According to David, “Our focus is on getting to the root causes of problems and then focusing on addressing and improving those root causes that will give the greatest impact. While many people and organizations focus on band-aid solutions, we focus on root causes… this leads to faster, sustainable change and greater results.”

What Sets David Apart

  • Ranked Top 1% of 2,000 enterprise professionals
  • Personally sold $100M+ in his career.
  • Interviewed 3K+ Top Performing Tech Salespeople.
  • Identified the 3 Core Traits of Top Performers.
  • Coached Over 150 Top Performing Sales Reps.
  • Expertise Gained at the #1 Ranked Software Firm & the #1 Technology Firm in the World.

While most sales training is focused on ‘1-&-done sales techniques’ like closing, objection handling & prospecting, David focuses on helping enterprise sales reps with a simple process to sell to larger prospects entailing accessing & working with multiple departments & decision makers.

5-Star Testimonials Include

“Today was remarkable!!! You were phenomenal and brought soooo much needed energy and positive perspective. I too hope people walked away with something impactful and make the necessary changes/transformation. Today, my expectations were exceeded and I appreciate you for that!!!”

“The tools Dave developed and his coaching has provided me with the foundation and structure to ensure a high-quality pipeline and a line of sight to close more deals. It also provided me the confidence in developing and cultivating C-level relationships. I now dig deeper and know more about my client, their business, and pain points which in turn is helping to shorten the sales cycle.”

“David helped me understand what was holding me back was me. He helped me remove and overcome the hurdles to my success. And one by one, step by step I changed my beliefs and mindset. He showed me what was possible and coached me to a higher personal and professional level.”

“I increased my sales and the anxiety I had about sales conversations were diffused. In addition to having compassion and integrity, David truly enjoys seeing people win. I know I can trust the quality of his services with anyone I recommend to him.”

About David Suson

David studies the root causes or keystones for success and achievement in the areas of Sales, Leadership, Communication and Personal Performance. He studied over 3,000 top performers to find what the best performing sales professionals and leaders do.

And more importantly, he discovered the roadblocks that hold people back. He specializes in sales, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and personal development

Positive Case Studies Include:

  • Enterprise Sales rep achieved No. 1 sales ranking.
  • Sales reps go on to win sales awards.
  • Many express a newfound confidence in selling.
  • One client, who’d never won an award in their life, received one for top sales.

BALLS: The 3 Secrets of Sales Success by David Suson

Learn the 3 secrets of sales success based on thousands of interviews with top-ranked salespeople. After thousands of interviews with top performers, David has identified the three key traits that have led top performers to be successful and to be the top 1% earners in the nation.

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