ACT Capital Introduces Affiliate Program for Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Automated Commodities Trading (ACT) Capital provides algorithm trading software for all markets. The company recently launched Affiliate Program for algorithmic trading solutions.

London, United Kingdom, 20th Dec 2022 – ACT Capital, a significant provider of algorithmic trading solutions in the energy market, is pleased to announce the launch of its affiliate program. This program allows users to take advantage of ACT Capital’s innovative trading strategies and technologies, which have been developed to help traders reduce risk and trade consistently.

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The company has developed its affiliate program, which allows users to utilize its algorithmic trading solutions in the energy market. The affiliate program will demonstrate the key features of Algorithmic trading. It is also known as automated or black box trading, which refers to using computer algorithms to make trades in financial markets.

By relying on precise, data-driven algorithms rather than human emotions, traders can make more informed, objective decisions that are less prone to errors and biases. Algorithmic trading systems can also be programmed to follow strict risk management rules, helping to minimize potential losses.

In addition to reducing risk, algorithmic trading can help traders trade more consistently. By automating the trading process, algorithms can help traders execute many trades quickly and accurately, reducing the impact of human error.

ACT Capital is positioned to take advantage of trends, thanks to its advanced trading technologies and comprehensive understanding of the energy market. The company facilitates with:

  • Algorithmic Trading
    A method of executing orders using automated pre-programmed trading instructions accounting for variables such as time, price, slippage, market depth, and technical analysis.
  • Lightning-Fast Protocol
    Trades are executed in microseconds to lock in positions while ensuring flexible trade sizes. The process is tested and proven to work across energy markets.

Consequently, through the launch of its affiliate program, the platform allows users to monetize their own database when they onboard new capital market channels.

About the company – ACT Capital

Founded in 2015, ACT Capital is a BVI-based Automated Commodities Trading company. It has established itself in the field of algorithmic trading. The company’s traders and technologists strive to develop sophisticated algorithms that analyze market trends and identify trades.

Their proprietary smart trading tools provide real-time microsecond automated trades execution for professional traders and retail alike.

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Media Contact

Organization: ACT Capital Limited

Contact Person: Jacob A. Beyer



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Country: United Kingdom

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