Tealux Cafe Serves Fresher Boba Tea in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA: Tealux Cafe serves fresher boba tea prepared using jasmine. While jasmine tea is hard to make, compared to alternatives such as oolong tea, the restaurant uses it because of its freshness and quality. They also add special ingredients to the freshly brewed tea to give customers a real Vietnamese tea experience.

There are many good options for guests interested in fruit tea, such as ISLANDER, which is prepared using jasmine tea, passionfruit, pineapple, and mango. Tea lovers looking for a boba tea with exotic fruit flavor can order Luna, which has lychee and butterfly peas as ingredients. Other interesting picks are meadow, marigold, sunrise, sunset paradise, and aphrodite teas.

In addition, Tealux Cafe has an expanding menu of milk teas. Some popular options include Tealux signature milk tea, brown sugar fresh milk, oat brown sugar fresh milk, and Thai tea. Like fruit-infused teas, the cafe ensures each cup is prepared using high-quality ingredients, from milk and sugar to fruits.

The restaurant allows the customers to further personalize their boba tea by choosing their preferred sweetness level and toppings. Some traditional toppings available are magical boba, brown sugar tapioca pearls, pineapple jerry, passion fruit boba, and cake cream (among others). The restaurant also offers premium toppings, namely milk cream and cheese cream.

Besides the signature bubble teas, the restaurant offers freshly prepared smoothies. Customers looking for an option with an earthy and starchy texture but with a mild nutty taste can buy the taro smoothie. Alternatively, they can order a matcha smoothie, coconut smoothie, mango smoothie, strawberry smoothie, or cookies n’ cream smoothie.

While enjoying boba tea, Thai coffee, or smoothie, they can try out Vietnamese street foods. Rice paper salad, made from carefully selected ingredients, is one of the popular picks for guests looking for a memorable dining experience. Other options include fried rice flour cake, popcorn chicken, Papaya salad, and rice paper rolls (BANH TRAN CUỐN).

Guests can try Vietnamese sandwiches with a unique fusion of Asian flavors. Special combinations (BANH MI ĐẶC BI�T), pork rolls, and grilled pork are some of the perfect picks for customers looking for classic options. Alternatively, they can order fried egg (BANH MI ỐP LA), Bulgogi sandwiches offal stew, or pork floss (BANH MI CHA BÔNG).

Speaking about their dining experience, one guest noted: “Aesthetic boba tea cafe with some Vietnamese food! Service was good, the drinks were delicious, and the cafe was clean. I had also ordered cha gio (spring rolls) to go, lettuce was even included, and the nice lady suggested that I don’t close the lid yet because they were still hot and would get mushy otherwise….”

Tealux Cafe is located at 7870 Tidewater Dr #201, Norfolk, VA, 23505, USA. Visit the website for more information.

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