San Leandro Beginner Swim Courses: Online & In-Person Training Announced

Launched as an easy-access, efficient, and convenient way for swimmers to improve their technique, SWIMVICE provides members with structured workout plans and coaching services that include video demos, drills, and technique building progressions. The platform offers a free 7-day trial, after which participants can choose from a monthly or annual fee. Newly updated services provide in-person coaching to novice, intermediate, and professional swimmers in the Bay Area.

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Like any sport, a good foundation in technique is imperative. For those looking to improve their stroke, speed, and/or stamina, online platform SWIMVICE offers professional lessons for all skill levels. The online digital coaching system helps members learn how to improve their technique anywhere and at any time with easy-to-understand lessons. Newly updated services to include in-person coaching to Bay Area swimmers means members of SWIMVICE can apply what they’ve learned for real time feedback.

Courses and resources include a SWIMVICE blog that offers advice on mindset, swim gear, technique, and training; community membership; video training; and inspiration through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Course bundles include an onboarding first step, SWIMVICE kickstart programs, a freestyle breathing series, treading water series, and a freestyle speed program.

SWIMVICE is owned and operated by Mandy Bradley, former head swim coach, UCSF Masters, at the university of California, San Francisco. Bradley’s style of coaching is systematic, helping swimmers improve their stroke, technique, and conditioning so they can reach their individual goals.

Bradley says, “I value the importance of always striving to improve through new, innovative ways of coaching to prevent injury and help swimmers enjoy the sport long term. Keeping swimmers motivated and engaged is one of my top priorities and I work to maintain that through fostering a positive community both online and offline with all members.”

The SWIMVICE platform gives swimming enthusiasts and professionals alike a chance to meet new people and learn new techniques so whenever they’re at the pool, they can put these tips to work. For those in the Bay Area who like instant feedback and in-person coaching, those services are now available.

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