Newmarket, QLD Lean Suits EMS Training & Muscle Toning: Fitness Studio Now Open

The new LeanSuits Fitness training studios utilize EMS technology for workouts. EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, uses high-frequency electrical currents to stimulate muscle contractions while exercising.

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The studio’s EMS training requires participants to wear LeanSuits(TM), which are skin-tight bodysuits with integrated, wireless EMS technology. The suits–which are engineered in Germany and hand-stitched in Italy–are designed to stimulate over 90% of the muscle tissue of over 300 muscles in the body. Post-workout, every suit is sterilized using an Ozone chamber.

Backed by FDA-validated research, EMS, in combination with low-impact training, can increase vertical jump, strength, speed, endurance, performance, power, and flexibility. Studies have also shown that EMS training can improve metabolic and cardiovascular response and reduce back pain and the load on joints.

The new LeanSuits Fitness locations offer a variety of classes designed to help customers achieve their fitness goals. The Intense Training, Get Lean, and Get Toned programs are full-body strength and muscle workouts, while the Abs and Glutes program targets those specific parts of the body. Also offered are the Extreme Lean Mats and Bikes programs, which are high-intensity cardio-focused workouts.

Classes are typically booked for 45 minutes; however, just 20 minutes of EMS training delivers the same benefits as 2-4 hours of regular training. Moreover, EMS training continues to engage the body for up to 72 hours after a workout, meaning customers are still reaping the benefits of wearing LeanSuits(TM) long after they leave the gym.

LeanSuits Fitness gives customers three membership options to choose from–Lean (1 session per week), Ultra Lean (2 sessions per week), and Extreme Lean (3 sessions per week). They also offer a 10-Session Membership Pack and an Ultra Lean Fortnight Plan (2 sessions per week or 4 sessions across two weeks). Membership plans are billed weekly or fortnightly and are accepted at both the Newmarket and Toowong locations.

A satisfied client said: “After doing LeanSuits for the past few months I have seen a noticeable improvement in my muscle tone and strength. Seeing results so quickly makes it much easier to motivate myself each week for classes.”

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