Master John Gill Induction Into Three Martial Arts Halls Of Fame In 2022

Master John Gill has been awarded the “8th Dan Bo Grandmaster (Junior)” in Hapkido as well as achieving inductions into the three following Martial Arts Halls Of Fame in 2022: 1) IMAC Hall of Fame; 2) USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame; and the 3) International Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He also earned three world titles in June at the Martial Arts World Championships, prior to these inductions.

The “8th Dan Bo in Hapkido” award now classifies Master Gill as a Grandmaster (Junior) after 40 years plus years of Martial Arts training and teaching. It was presented to Master Gill by his longtime Instructor, Senior Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee, during a recent trip to John’s homeland Australia to attend his daughters wedding.

At the June 2022 World Championships Ceremony in Las Vegas, John Gill’s induction into the IMAC (International Martial Arts Council) Hall of Fame was presented by Grandmaster Stan Witz, who announced Master Gill’s incredible achievement of being “The Most Winning Competitor In Self-Defense Events In The Entire History Of This Prestigious Event”.

Now living in the USA, John Gill intends to offer his SAFE seminars and Martial Motivation Programs throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia beginning in 2023, and beyond.

John Gill, who is also an avid Tennis and Pickleball player, is President/CEO of The World Pickleball Association, LLC, and hosts Pickleball Tournaments in the USA, with expansion plans to include Europe, Asia, and Australia. He hopes to also be a facilitator with getting Pickleball into the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics as Demonstration Sport, and recognized as a full Olympic Sport in the 2032 Australia Summer Olympics.

John Gill said “I am excited to announce that as I travel the world hosting Pickleball Tournaments, I intend to also offer my SAFE Seminars and Martial Motivation Programs at the Tournament Locations during the week prior to the Tournament. Those unable to attend Live Training Events, can participate in John’s upcoming Online Classes.

Visit the website for more information:

John Gill is a leading provider of personal safety and protection training who has been teaching Self-Defense techniques to students since 1985 in Australia, and from 2020 in the USA. Master Gill has dedicated his life to helping people protect themselves and their loved ones through these training Programs. He has also formed the SAFE Foundation for the Prevention of Violence and Homelessness to help the Vulnerable and the Homeless.

“Self defense is a crucial skill for anyone, regardless of their age, gender, or physical ability,” says Gill. “Our classes are designed to provide practical and effective techniques that can be used in real-life situations.”

He is now offering classes in Seal Beach, California which cover a wide range of topics, including basic Self-Defense moves, weapons defense, and situational awareness.

“I am passionate about teaching Self-Defense and empowering my students,” says Gill. “I believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, and I’m dedicated to helping them achieve that goal.”

In addition to group classes, John Gill Self Defense also offers private lessons for individuals and small groups .These lessons are tailored to the specific needs of the student and can be scheduled at a time and location that is convenient for them.

“We understand that not everyone has the same schedule or learning style, which is why we offer private lessons,” says Gill. “Whether you’re looking to learn self defense for personal reasons or for your job, we can help you achieve your goals.”

The USA School of Self-Defense is committed to providing high-quality, effective self defense training to people of all ages and abilities.

For more information visit, and Master Gill’s Self-Defense YouTube Channel.

USA School Of Self-Defense

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